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Every business needs a brochure to tell their story

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Every business needs a brochure to tell the story of their company. A well designed and professionally printed brochure is the unsung hero of advertising. There is no better way to communicate the skills of your business. We are surrounded by hundreds of digital messages every single day, from what we Google to what paid advertisers show us, there is a constant stream of messaging to all consumers. With all this digital marketing in place, customers sometimes ask, is it still important to have a company brochure? The answer to this question is yes! A brochure is a critical part of your business identity along with your company’s website. A printed brochure is a vital piece of literature that tells the story about your company and the products and services that you offer. Creative artwork and company branding printed on quality stock makes a great statement about your business and gives customers and potential customers a tangible keepsake piece to assist with keeping your company front of mind. At Southport Printing Co., we print all kinds of brochures for all kinds of businesses! We print short runs of brochures for

Southport Printing Co. remains open for business

By |2020-04-15T03:48:55+00:00April 14th, 2020|

Southport Printing Co. remains open for business and is operating at 100% capacity. Like most people, we are closely monitoring developments in the global Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic and ensuring we are up to date with the latest recommendations and guidelines from the Australian and Queensland Government agencies. Our thoughts remain with everyone who has been affected. As this is a rapidly changing situation, we want to take this opportunity to share our current and future plans with our valued clients and suppliers. Supporting Australian Businesses Through Our Supply Chain We’re a small family owned and operated business. Our team of 20 employees and their families all live on the Gold Coast and love being a part of this community. One of our principles has always been “live local, buy local” so we’ve kept a focus on supporting other small independent businesses where possible and sourcing resources from other Australian owned suppliers. Maintaining Operations at 100% Capacity There is currently no need for us to change the way we operate. Our team members are not currently in a risk category that needs to be isolated and our suppliers have assured us that there is currently adequate stock located in Australia that can

Digital Printing Benefits: Almost As Easy As Pressing Control + P

By |2020-03-26T06:26:07+00:00March 18th, 2020|

The print and design industry has benefited from many advancements in technology over the past couple of decades. At Southport Printing Co. we think that the one that has had the biggest impact and benefit to our clients (and our business) is digital printing. What Is Digital Printing? Digital printing enables us to make prints from an electronic file – usually a PDF – and print directly onto a surface with the same high quality finish you’d expect from offset printing.  Often used for things like flyers and business cards, you can also print digitally onto other materials such as synthetic/plastic stocks. What Are Digital Printing Benefits? Printing used to be more cost effective if you were doing high volume print runs. This is because traditional printing had many manual steps involved to set your job up, which attracted additional fees. These fees are charged on the work not the amount you’re printing, so are easy to absorb if you were printing 10,000 brochures, but made shorter print runs less affordable. Digital printing has no set up costs or fees. Instead of using metal plates to transfer the design, digital printing presses the print directly onto the print surface. Digital printing also enables

Case Study: Sofitel Gold Coast Printed Newsletter

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Gold Coast Printed Newsletter Southport Printing Co. has a long and valued relationship with Sofitel Gold Coast. The iconic Broadbeach five-star hotel is a favourite place to stay for business and leisure travellers. A recent guest even left a TripAdvisor review saying that they were made to feel like royalty*, noting special touches like welcome letters and all-round impeccable service, assistance and attention to detail made them feel valued. Making and Taking Memories One of our favourite jobs to produce for Sofitel Gold Coast is their monthly digital printed newsletter. Professionally written and designed in house, it contains a collection of local tips, attractions and news for visitors and guests. As well as placing one in every guest room, these newsletters are also available in other public areas such as the front desk, concierge and food and beverage outlets. While the hotel regularly shares travel tips and promotions on social media and other digital channels, the team finds that guests really appreciate having the information in a tangible format. Many even keep copies as mementos of their trip or use it to scribble extra notes and tips down about things they want to do. Conference and event hosts will

Find Your Next Digital Printing Specialists

By |2020-02-25T00:24:10+00:00February 24th, 2020|

Digital Printing Specialists Southport Printing Co. brings together a team with over 500 years of combined printing experience to deliver great print products that meet their customer needs. While we have a long and proud brand heritage, the only old fashioned experience you’ll have here is with our traditional customer service values. We use the latest technologies and state of the art equipment to produce quality, affordable digital printing that delivers results for our clients. How Does Digital Printing Help Me? We can use the cloud to share high resolution artwork proofs with clients and can print directly from the approved or supplied files. Digital printing means that files are sent directly to printers, usually as a PDF file after being produced in design software such as InDesign. There are two main reasons to use digital printing – and customers really love them both: 1. Digital printing is fast 2. Digital printing is affordable Digital Printing Saves Time Digital printing offers rapid setup and the ability to print on demand. The output of digital printing machines are super-fast. For example at Southport Printing Co. our machines can print up to 170 impressions per minute which lets us complete high volumes

Case Study: Airlie Beach Hotel Cocktail Flyers

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Southport Printing Co. is Your Local PrinterYou don’t have to be based on the Gold Coast to benefit from Southport Printing Co.’s quality print and design services. We have clients all over Australia, including as far away as Perth. We utilise cloud technology to transfer files instantly wherever you are. Our professional, dedicated Sales Managers work with you and your team to really understand you, your brand and your goals. We “print from experience” using the latest technologies and can usually even offer same day service and overnight courier delivery when you’re short on time.Case Study - Airlie Beach Hotel Cocktail FlyersThe Airlie Beach Hotel is located on the Esplanade, in the centre of Airlie Beach, a tourism hotspot and gateway to the Whitsunday islands. Locals and tourists alike flock to the Airlie Beach Hotel’s various accommodation and dining options. As a recently refurbished four-star property who has been trading since 1968, the Airlie Beach Hotel has a proud heritage with a modern touch. Their brand is casual, yet sophisticated and with such a longstanding local reputation in a competitive tourism market, it’s important to them to present professional print collateral in all areas of the property. A menu can

Southport Printing Co. Prides Itself on Providing Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service

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Old-Fashioned Customer Service Never Goes Out of Fashion Digital technology has made things easy for everyone – including us at Southport Printing Co. – but it’s also made things a little less personal. The internet means you have the whole world at your fingertips, but it can also be hard to connect with real people when you’re trying to buy a product or service. Remember when your local bank teller knew your name and you dealt with the same friendly team every time you did business with someone? At Southport Printing Co. we don’t just remember these days, we have built traditional, personalised service values into our operations. We “Print From Experience” and with over 500 years combined work experience in our team, we know a thing or two about both printing and making sure our clients love working with us. Old Fashioned Values Meet the Latest Technology Our Sales Team will come to you anywhere on the Gold Coast, but we also have clients all over Australia. If you don’t have time for face to face meetings, you can make use of our cloud technology to share artwork and proofs. You’ll still get the same professional, polite and cheerful

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