Coasters; Another Fantastic Channel to get Your Brand out There!


Coasters are Great for Trade Shows, Pubs and Restaurants, and Perfect as Corporate Gifts and Giveaways

    • In today’s busy marketing environment, many companies ignore print opportunities that are right under their noses!


    • Good-old fashioned marketing tools such as coasters, magnets and desktop calendars will always have a place in customers’ lives and with less company’s taking up such print opportunities, this makes it a great time to snatch the market with creative print collateral today! Step aside from your everyday promotional product and think coasters for your next print run.

As with all marketing collateral, it is important to ask yourself a series of questions before you jump right in and start producing coasters for the masses!

When Considering Coasters for Your Company, ask Yourself:

      • What type of customer will be using them?
      • Are they intended for single or multiple use?
      • Where will they be placed?
      • What message are you trying to get out to this market?
      • How many coasters are you after?

Be Sure to ask These Important Questions When you are Thinking About Coasters

What Type of Customer will be Using Them?

The first thing to think about is “Who is using your coasters?”. Once you have established this, you can work through the below questions to print the perfect coaster for your business!

Are They Intended for Single or Multiple use?

Answering this question will help you decide on stock selection. Single use coasters can be produced at a low unit cost, but remember the intention is exactly that, single use. A thicker stock may cost you more per unit however, you may get several uses out of it. If you are intending to use them as a giveaway, it is best to print them on a thicker stock so that they hang around their final destination for as long as possible, shouting out your brand for a longer period of time.

Where Will They be Placed?

Are they going to be on a wet bar or on a table with other items? A wet bar will cause them to perish faster than a dry space. Consider a print finish or a different stock if they are going to be placed in a wet area. Nothing looks worse than a coaster that is not absorbent enough for its intended destination! A tabletop that is decorated with other items may cause a brightly coloured coaster to clash. Consider a colour scheme that will compliment other items on the table.


What Message are you Trying to get out to Your Market?

Answering this question will help determine the design and shape of your coasters. If your intention is to help with your brand exposure, a square or round coaster will do the trick. Consider using just your company logo and a modest colour scheme to keep the message clear and clean. However, if you have a specific message that you are wanting to speak directly to your market, take the opportunity to be creative with the artwork. Cutting your coasters to a custom shape or size is a great way to capture maximum attention.

How Many Coasters are you After?

At Southport Printing Co. we supply large runs and short runs of coasters! With our state-of-the-art printing facilities, you don’t have to necessarily print thousands more coasters than you need to get the best price on printing.

Southport Printing Co. is Your One-Stop Shop for all Your Print Requirements!

If you need printed coasters, Southport Printing Co. are just a call or email away. Contact us today to start talking about getting your promotions and brand information into your customer’s hands.