digital printing benefitsThe print and design industry has benefited from many advancements in technology over the past couple of decades. At Southport Printing Co. we think that the one that has had the biggest impact and benefit to our clients (and our business) is digital printing.

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital printing enables us to make prints from an electronic file – usually a PDF – and print directly onto a surface with the same high quality finish you’d expect from offset printing.  Often used for things like flyers and business cards, you can also print digitally onto other materials such as synthetic/plastic stocks.

What Are Digital Printing Benefits?

Printing used to be more cost effective if you were doing high volume print runs. This is because traditional printing had many manual steps involved to set your job up, which attracted additional fees. These fees are charged on the work not the amount you’re printing, so are easy to absorb if you were printing 10,000 brochures, but made shorter print runs less affordable.

  • Digital printing has no set up costs or fees. Instead of using metal plates to transfer the design, digital printing presses the print directly onto the print surface.
  • Digital printing also enables easy personalisation (for example, printing a postcard with your customer’s name on it) and faster turnaround of your requests.

Find out how one of our luxury hotel clients on the Gold Coast uses digital printing to help deliver five star service to their in house guests.

Should I Use Digital Or Offset Printing?

When you choose Southport Printing Co. you don’t need to make the tough decisions yourself. You’ll work with a member of our Sales Team to understand your needs. We will talk to you about your project and make recommendations that suit your deadline, budget and end goals.

Can I Send My Own Artwork?

Southport Printing Co. will happily accept print ready artwork. Please ask us if you are not sure how to do this or if you are not printing a standard size document.

When we receive artwork, our first step is to check the artwork. We call this “preflight” and it’s where we check for things like cropping issues on the finished product. If we identify any potential problems, we will contact you and talk you through the process of what is wrong and how to fix it.

We then check colours. Unlike home and office printers, digital printing colours are always vibrant and high quality but our pre-press program ensures your design will print to FOGRA39 International Colour Standards.

Once your project has passed preflight and pre-processing checks, we will send you a low resolution proof so you know exactly how your finished product will look. As soon as you send your written approval, we can “hit print” and get the job underway.

How Soon Will I Receive My Job?

We complete everything in house, on site with a proven team of experienced professionals so as soon as your job has finished printing, we will get straight to work on any trimming, binding or other post production tasks so it can get to you sooner.

Southport Printing Co. will always do everything we can to meet the toughest of deadlines. We work with a network of couriers to deliver completed print jobs both locally on the Gold Coast and right around Australia with multiple pickups from our factory each day.

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