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We Have a Team of Experienced Graphic Designers


Our Team of Graphic Designers are Here to Help

Our experienced design team have a wealth of knowledge and over 50 years of combined design experience.

The team are busy creating visual concepts for digital, print, sign and display jobs at our Southport factory every day of the year. Their creative ideas inspire, inform, and captivate your customers and potential customers by bringing your brand to life. Our team can create your vision from scratch or work with your existing brand guidelines to create your unique job.

Each member of our design team are formally qualified and have extensive experience within the industry, with a passion and creative flair for design.

We Offer Design Services for all Your Print Requirements

Print Design

The way your brand feels to touch through printed media is important and creates credibility to your consumers. The combined application of great design and a carefully selected paper stock can say a lot about your brand and is a great opportunity to make a fantastic first impression. What does your printed stationery say about your brand?

Product Packaging

Packaging design is an artform and we specialise in creating designs that stand out from your competitors and jump off the shelves into your consumers hands. With our extensive experience in packaging design, we understand what works and how to communicate through design and create packaging to complement your product.

Digital print

Brand Design

Brand design reflects how your brand looks and feels; it is your identity as a business. Brand identity includes logos, typography, colours, packaging, and messaging, and it complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand. It is what makes you recognisable. Our design team specialises in crafting and combining these elements into distinctive and successful brands.

Website Design

Our designers can help you create a beautiful and efficient, user-friendly website that your audience can easily navigate. User experience and your site’s responsiveness is extremely important in your consumer’s decision making to purchase a product, and we’re here to help! Handcrafted websites built with a dual purpose of high performance and user experience, as well as aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

Online Graphics

Professionally designed graphics for online use across social media platforms are a great way to further broadcast your brand. High quality graphics with visually pleasing designs create a sense of credibility to your consumers. Our design team can help with the complicated stuff and turn it into something that actually works for you and your business.

Why use a Graphic Designers?

Quite simply, using a professional graphic designers will give you an edge over your competitors. Our designers stay up to date with marketing and design strategies that will capture customers and potential customer’s attention. They have the skills to interpret your brand and apply modern, creative strategies to give you an edge.

Graphic Designers Know the Rules

Ok, they may not know all the rules of the world, but they certainly know what is required to get your jobs set up and ready for print. We often find customers spend hours designing a file only to find out that it is not set up correctly for print, so they have to start again. Using a graphic designers from the beginning will avoid this.

Graphic Designers Save you Money

Your idea may well be a great one, but have you considered if there is a cheaper way to do the same thing? Our specialised graphic designers know all the ins and outs of print and if there is a more cost effective way to achieve the same result, they will be sure to suggest this to you.

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The Team of Graphic Designers at Southport Printing Co. are Here to Help!

Graphic Design Gold Coast – Contact us today and we will help bring your vision to life.