Branded Booklets

Branded Booklets: We Have a Range of Finishes and Sizes Available

Branded booklets

We Make Printing Branded Booklets Easy!

When it comes to professionally bound projects like magazines, annual reports or virtually any kind of booklets, Southport Printing Co. have the right solution for you.

Booklets encompass any kind of multi-page document that has some kind of way to fasten the pages together – they’re “bound” together which is where the term binding comes from, even though we typically associate it with things like wire binding, plasticoil and other types of spiral bind options with a clear cover. It can also mean things like saddle stitched or loop stitched spines, like you often see with journals and magazines – but don’t overthink it too much, even stapled books are considered books that have had binding applied! Binding can be completed on print projects that have been completed via either digital printing or offset printing technologies.

With a Range of Finishing Options Available, you can Easily be Your own Publisher

There are Many Print Options Available

Virtually any multi-page document can be a booklet but we’ll discuss booklet and binding options for you for projects like your catalogue, large documents like an instructional manual, a school year book and other types of books such as a cook book, look book or coffee table book; anything that has a magazine or journal style.

Multi-page refers to anything more than one so don’t think that because your report is only 20 pages it will be easier to publish and staple it in the office – we have options available for small and large documents and will make a recommendation to suit both the size and style of the file, it’s intended use and your budget and time constraints.

Graphic Design Gold Coast Booklet

We Offer a Variety of Booklet and Binding Options to Suit Your Needs


Booklet and Binding Options

  • Standard and custom sizing
  • Full colour printing throughout on a range of paper and card stock options
  • Saddle stitched (2 wire staples) with a variety of cover options available –a soft or self-cover which means it’s the same type of paper as the internal pages, others require a heavier cover, depending on the finish you prefer or the number of pages in the document.
  • Adhesives like PUR which bind the pages together at the spine, this is ideal for books with a lot of pages.
  • Spiral bound books (Wiro/wire binding or Plasticoil which binds the pages of a book through a series of small holes at the spine of your book. These books can include printed, plain board or clear acetate covers.

Your Sales Manager is Your Publisher

Do not worry if you are not sure what the best option is for your document – that’s what your Personal Sales Manager is for. Every client of ours has a single point of contact who will help them and act as their print partner at every stage. We even have our own look book and a range of examples to show you so you can see, touch, and feel what we are suggesting.

They do not just work with you on the brief though, they also work with the Southport Printing Co. team to make sure everything is running smoothly for you. You will often see them on the print floor chatting to our technicians, or personally greeting the couriers as they arrive to collect our completed orders, they’re that committed to making sure you’re happy!


Start Publishing with us Today

Whether your artwork is ready to send to print now or you just want to get the ball rolling on your booklet project, we are looking forward to working with you. Get in touch with us today.