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What is Offset Printing?

When you need to print bulk commercial quantities, offset printing offers unparalleled quality and value for money.

Offset printing uses plates and wet ink on a printing press which allows for precision accuracy of colours and reliably crisp images, even on jobs that require tens of thousands of copies or more. Offset printing differs from digital printing.

Offset printing works on a variety of paper stock and print media and is ideal for:

  • Magazines
  • Annual Reports
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers, booklets and brochures
  • Corporate brochures, sales kits and inserts
  • Business cards and corporate stationery

How Does Offset Printing Work?

Offset printing uses etched metal plates – usually made from aluminum – to apply ink to paper, cardboard or whatever material your project is using via rubber blankets.

There is one plate for every colour in your document which is why the colour control and image resolution is so superior with offset.

There is a setup process involved with offset printing that does take time and testing but once that’s completed the printing press runs efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Offset Printing?

While technological advancements mean that digital print quality is good, offset printing remains the superior option, especially when your order is for bulk quantities that absorb the set up costs and time.

Some of the main reasons to consider offset printing include:

  • Colours: not only are the colours more precisely matched to their true tone, but there is even more flexibility in the finish. Offset printing offers the opportunity for creative embellishments with use of neon and metallic shades and/or textured paper and cardboard.
  • High Definition Images: offset printing offers more detail than any other type of printing and images are consistently sharp and clear.
  • Cost Effective Bulk Printing: the setup costs can make offset printing prohibitive for small print runs, but the per unit price reduces significantly as the volume increases.
  • Fast Bulk Printing: again, setup adds initial time to the project but once that is completed, offset printing is capable of printing thousands of pages per minute.

Fun Fact: Offset Printing was Discovered by Accident!

business cards

The Preferred Choice for Centuries

In the late 1700’s, a German actor and playwright accidentally discovered a way to duplicate scripts and other documents through a lithography process that involved using a greasy, acid resistant ink on limestone. This discovery revolutionalised printing – before this, an artist had to replicate images by hand. A French engineer then used the lithography process to develop a steam press that became the preferred choice for professional printers worldwide.

Technology has come a long way but offset printing processes still use the same lithography principles that the printing pioneers developed.

Is Offset Printing Right for me?

The great news is you don’t need to worry about choosing the right printing option for your project when you work with Southport Printing Co. as you will be guided every step of the way by your personal Sales Manager.

We’ve even got a Lookbook that gives you a tactile, visual way to understand the options you have to bring your next project to life.

Our friendly, experienced team will discuss your project with you and make recommendations based on your goals and budget. Once the job is underway, they’ll also be personally checking your project’s progress as it makes its way through the factory processes.

Let Southport Printing Co. Print Your Offset Printing Projects from Experience

Our motto at Southport Printing Co. is “#printingfromexperience” because that’s what we do. Our team have over 500 years combined experience in the print industry. We combine our experience with state of that art technology and traditional customer service values to make sure your projects come to life with a high quality, professional and polished finish.

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