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Flyers and Brochures Tell the Story of Your Company

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Tell Your Company Story on a Flyer or a Brochure

Flyers and brochures provide a snapshot of your company. They say who you are, what you do and most importantly what kind of company you are.

Who you are and what you do is something that we all understand the meaning of. However, what kind of company you are extends to many things that are often overlooked by company owners when producing a flyer or a brochure.

Your company name and list of services is a great way to start the process of telling customers what kind of company you are. Just doing this alone does not arm your company with a best footprint to tell your individual story. Quality branding and styling including a well-designed and printed piece of collateral finishes the story off nicely to complete your company’s message. It is important to think about several things to get this right.

Spelling and Grammar Check

A detailed review of any piece of marketing material is critical to ensure that your company is perceived as professional in your customers and potential customer’s minds. This not only builds credibility, it shows customers that you take your business seriously and take the time to deliver quality across all areas of your business. Customers will see this as an insight to who you are and will instinctively feel that this professionalism extends to all the services that your company provides.

Look and Feel

It is also important to take into consideration the design of your brochures and flyers to create a positive perception of your brand. Do the colours match your company brand and style? Have you used your corporate fonts and logos? In addition to enhancing your message of a professional company, this will help with brand recognition meaning that more customers will notice you more often and faster, which is simply only good for business!

Stock and Finish

In the print world, there are thousands of options for the print and finish of brochures and flyers. Our expert sales team can talk you through these options to ensure that you get the best possible stock and finish to suit your business and a solution that matches your brand.

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Design is Key


Simple Design Tips

Below are a few essential design tips to help get your artwork right:

  • Keep your message clear and simple. Don’t feel you have to fill the page with content – blank space provides a great visual balance for readers.
  • Ensure that all the essential information is included:
  • Company name
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Website
  • Use a limited number of images that best suit your brand.


Consider a Call to Action

Your business details as noted above are essential so people can contact you but, everything else that you include should be carefully considered. Businesses often think that it is necessary to add an offer or discount however, this is not the case. A piece of collateral that is being designed and printed for the long term may not need this information. A bonus benefit of not including an offer or discount is that you can often get longer out of flyers and collateral as they don’t expire as quickly as those that contain these.

Southport Printing Co. Offer Fast Turnaround Brochure and Flyer Printing

Our in-house design team can work with you directly to help you create the best brochure and flyer to represent your company and brand that clearly defines who you are, what you do and what kind of company you are.

Contact our sales team today to discuss helping you design a brochure or flyer that best represents your company and your brand.