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Let us Design, Print and Distribute Your Message to Your Customers on Your Behalf

Direct mail

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Connecting with your database is often hard work and can take hours over multiple days out of your busy schedule. Here at Southport Printing Co. we provide the perfect solution.

Let us Design, Print and Distribute your message to your customers on your behalf with a traditional piece of personalised snail mail (direct mail).

Direct mail can be very powerful, and in this saturated market it is a fantastic way to communicate to your market with a personalised message from your company.

Snail Mail Beats Email

And it gets better! recently reported data from the Direct Marketing Association that found that direct mail achieves a 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for email and that direct mail’s response rates are anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital marketing.

And really, who does not love getting a piece of creative old-school mail?

The Power of Personalisation

Mass marketing has its place and when done well, it can be a really effective way to generate leads and convert customers. We’ve all heard the warnings that “everyone” can’t be your target audience or you’ll risk attracting nobody but it can be challenging to find an affordable and efficient way to direct your marketing and advertising initiatives at smaller segments.

That’s where digital printing from Southport Printing Co. can really make a difference to your marketing.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is the process by which a computer file (such as a print ready PDF) can print directly to paper or whatever material your project calls for. There’s no set up process involved which means it’s affordable to print smaller quantities.

Smaller quantities means you can create marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and posters with specific messaging to meet your objectives.

It also means that personalisation is an easy process so you can use details from your database such as your customer’s names and other unique information to make them take notice of what you’re sending out. You just need to supply a spreadsheet with your project and the Southport Printing Co. team will take care of the rest – we can even coordinate Australia Post delivery direct to your customer’s mailing address.

personalisation of marketing
Direct marketing

What are the Benefits of Personalised Marketing

A 2019 consumer survey * found that 93% of respondents reported that they were receiving marketing messages that weren’t relevant to them and nearly all of that group described the experience as “annoying”.

We know the last thing you’d want to do is annoy anyone, but have a bit of a think about all the marketing and advertising messages you’ve been exposed to today alone. Your customers are dealing with that clutter too which means it’s important to highlight to them why they should pay attention to what you’re saying.

A really easy way to do that is to include their name. That way it shows that you know who they are and you meant to send this to them.

How can I Personalise my Marketing Material?!

Including personalisation in your print materials is easy with digital print technology and our team are here to guide you through what will work best to suit your marketing campaign.

Some of the most effective ways to personalise your mail outs include:

  • Using people’s names. This can be both by addressing the mail to your individual customers and also using staff details from your business if your customers usually deal with a specific member of your team. For example, a dental practice might send a flyer advertising offers to all patients but sign it off from the dentist that person sees rather than just using the practice name.
  • Using people’s location. It can be as simple as directing people to their closest branch of your business if you have multiple outlets but you can also use data and details to make your customers feel like you are part of the local community.
  • Using people’s history with your business. For example, someone like a mechanic might decide to send a magnet and a flyer out with a personalised message to all customers who saw them for emergency repairs in the last twelve months to invite them to come back for regular servicing.

Southport Priniting Co. are Your Personalised Print Partners

At Southport Printing Co. we don’t just help you personalise your messages to your customers – we walk the talk too and ensure that every client of ours receives personal, professional assistance.

You will be given a dedicated Sales Manager who will work with you on the whole project from the initial concept right through to when your campaign is delivered to your customers. We can coordinate the design, print and distribution so all you need to worry about is managing the extra business your campaign brings in. Contact us today to get started.

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Southport Printing Co. can get a Personalised Message to Your Market

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