Mailbox drop

A Mailbox Drop is a Cheap, Effective Marketing Solution

It is now Easier Than Ever to Stand out With a Mailbox Drop

Placing flyers in mailboxes might be old-school but it is proven to drive sales! Mailbox drops are a proven cost-effective way to reach customers and potential customers. A well-designed leaflet, brochure or flyer will grab the attention of customers and can appeal to a broad audience.

Dropping flyers, brochures and leaflets into mailboxes and PO Boxes not only works, but today it is a more effective strategy than it has been in the past. This is due to the fact that today there are less companies competing in the space, giving companies better exposure for their brand! With the surge in digital advertising and the low cost per reach figure resulting in many companies moving their marketing dollars to digital channels, this has reduced the number of competitors in the traditional marketing area of mailbox drops. This means that it is a great time to dominate the market via this channel!

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Types of Mailbox Drops

There are three main mailbox drop strategies, each strategy has strengths and weaknesses. Companies often use a combination of these strategies for mailbox drops.

The Blanket Mailbox Drop
The Blanket Mailbox Drop is the cheapest option per unit. The idea with this strategy is to reach as many customers and potential customers as possible. Companies use this strategy to print thousands of flyers and distribute them to thousands of mailboxes. However, as this strategy is not targeted, companies rely on mass reach to generate leads and the number of flyers distributed per lead is most often higher than other strategies.

Targeted Mailbox Drops
A Targeted Mailbox Drop is when a company distributes a leaflet or flyer by postcode. This makes it easy for companies to review their maps and decide who they would like to target. For example, a high-end postcode is a great place to promote a luxury car brand where another postcode range may be suitable for promoting the purchase of entry level cars. The additional cost to target postcodes is minimal with most distribution companies however, with this strategy you often sacrifice reach as there are only a limited number of mailboxes in each postcode.

Personalised Mailbox Drops of Direct Mail Pieces
This strategy is by far the most effective however, it also comes at the highest cost per unit and a database is required to execute a personalised mailbox drop. At Southport Printing Co. we print and distribute many campaigns on behalf of clients using this effective strategy. We manage the print, personalisation and distribution all in-house at our Southport factory making it super easy for our clients to directly and effectively target their databases.

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Other Forms of Mass Distribution

In addition to mailbox drops, there are a number of other ways to distribute flyers and leaflets in mass including:

Tagged Distribution
Tagged Distribution is when you tag or add your leaflets and flyers to a third-party publication such as inserting them into a magazine or newspaper.

Footpath Marketing
Footpath Marketing is the old-school strategy of arranging staff to hand out flyers and leaflets on a sidewalk, inside a shopping centre or even at a market or other major event where there is a lot of foot traffic.

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