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Pull Up Banners – A Light Weight Mobile Marketing Solution!

pull up banner

Pull up Banners Remain a Popular Solution to Promote any Business as They are Mobile, Light and Best of all, they are Cheap to Produce.

Pull up banners are an essential tool in any company’s marketing cupboard. They take up minimal space and can be taken out, taken almost anywhere, and set up in just a few minutes. They are commonly used at functions and events, tradeshows, and showrooms but, they are suitable to promote any company in almost any space.

When you are thinking of creating or updating your company’s pull up banners, it is essential to get the design right as design is key. A well designed pull up banner will capture customer’s and potential customer’s attention, yet a poorly designed pull up banner can get easily overlooked and unfortunately, be a waste of marketing dollars, which no company can afford!

At Southport Printing Co., we have a team of in-house designers who can assist you in creating the perfect pull up banner for your company or, if you have artwork on file, it can be sent straight to our Sign and Display factory for printing!

The simple pull up banner is commonly printed on polypropylene and then placed on a roll with a top and base added. They are delivered with a retractable stand all packed in to one easy to carry, light weight bag with a zip and even handles! The simplicity of the finished product makes them easy to transport and quick to install in almost any location.

Why do Company’s Use Pull up Banners?

Company’s use pull up banners for many reasons. It is important to determine what you are trying to achieve from your pull up banner before you start the design process to ensure that the artwork meets the banner’s purpose. When asking yourself what you are trying to achieve from the banner, ask yourself which of the following is applicable:

Do you want to create awareness of your brand or create a Call to Action (phone calls, emails and/or website visits) or, do you want to advertise a particular offer or deal?

Once you have answered this question, you have made a great start and have done the majority of the hard work in preparing a brief for the project!

What Content do I Need to Include in my Design Brief?

Stop yourself at this point and remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE….. it is well proven that the less content that there is on any advert, the most successful the advert is!

Pull up banners
Pull up banner

Back to Your Goals…..

If your goal is to create brand awareness or a call to action, gather your logo, phone number, website, address and no more than four images along with one to two key statements about who you are and what you do. This should be enough information for our designers to design a pull up banner that creates awareness of your brand or a call to action!

Your personal Sales Manager will hand your brief over to one of our designers and they will create artwork mock-ups for you to review. Once you are happy with the artwork, it will be sent to our Sign and Display factory which is also on site at Southport Printing Co. for the production of your pull up banner.

Our Sign and Display factory is busy printing all kinds of pull up banners for all kinds of companies on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Australia wide.

Our In House Sign and Display Factory is Now Printing all Your Sign and Display Requirements!

Our Sign and Display Factory is Based in our Southport Factory and is now Printing Everything Sign and Display!

Our services include corflute signs of any shape and size, indoor and outdoor posters, outdoor vinyl banners and indoor hanging banners

We are also printing sign solutions on foamboard, clear acrylic and ACM (Aluminium Composite). Our permanent or temporary wall and media graphics as well floor graphics continue to be popular as more businesses are now using these spaces as additional advertising space.

Lightbox graphics (adhesive or polyester film), POS Adhesives, decals and canvas as well as tear drop banners and A-frames are also printed in our sign and display factory.

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