Corporate gifts

Presents with Personality: Printed Corporate Gifts That Make an Impact

Corporate gift

Take a trip down memory lane and think back to things like the family fridge. Chances are family photos and children’s paintings were held up with magnets of places like your local takeaway and that local plumber you only needed every now and then. Friday afternoon drinks were kept cool in stubby coolers blazoned with local business names and notes were jotted down on handy pads complete with the phone number of places you regularly contact.

A Powerful way to Connect with Clients

Nowadays, even the corporate gift has gone digital. This can be a powerful way to connect with people – we’ve all been lured by a “come back” discount code for our favourite online retailer or clicked through an email to find out more about an offer.

We’ve also all ignored those emails because it’s not in the budget to buy up before the code expires, or because we’ve received ten similar emails today or we simply don’t need that product or service right now.

Tangible, physical corporate gifts and branded merchandise can not only help you stand out from the competition, but they also make sure that your customers are thinking about you even when they’re not actively doing business with you.

Your Personality on Virtually Any Product

From pens to stubby coolers, notepads to packaging – there’s almost nothing that Southport Printing Co. can’t print on! Our design team can help you to personalise your corporate gifts to showcase your brand.

Customisable Short Print Run Corporate Gifts

Most businesses know the value of leaving something tangible with their customers but often struggle to find something that is both affordable, personalised and available in the quantities they need. How many times have you or your staff browsed websites and thought you’ve found the perfect gift only to find out that the minimum order is thousands more than you could ever use or store? Southport Printing Co. specialise in printing personalised products. Our in-house digital printing capabilities mean that we can easily accommodate as few or as many items as you need.

Corporate gift
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Affordable, Easy and Effective – Our Favourite Printed Corporate Gifts

It’s not just the per unit price you have to think about when it comes to corporate gifts. Some items are bulky and it’s hard to find suitable space to keep them in. What about those times you want to pop something in the post, or you don’t have time to wait for something to arrive to get printing started?

Desk pads and fridge magnets are two of our favourite products. Not only is all production in house here at Southport Printing Co. to save you time, they’re also cost-effective corporate gifts that won’t take up much space at your premises.

Branded Desk Pads

For the office-based recipient, something for their desk is always a great gift option. Not only is it attractive, but it’s also functional. We recommend considering features that will really help your customers in the design. In addition to incorporating your logo and brand, consider things like a calendar or space to write notes as well. You can get really creative and include things like measurements or formulas if most of your clients are from the same industry, or even use the space to advertise your own services. The more functional something is, the more people will like it. We’ve even heard of people asking our clients for new pads each year and when new staff start!

Fridge Magnets

It used to be that businesses were looking for anything but a fridge magnet to help get the word out about them but there has never been a better time to put your contact details and company brand on somebody’s fridge. Virtually every house and business has a fridge or freezer, but not every business is printing magnets anymore.

Cheap and effective is a winning combination, and the magnets Southport Printing Co. use are strong enough to hold several pieces of paper. That quality will ensure that your magnet is the one your customers keep reaching for.

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