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2109, 2020

Design and Print Business Cards: Southport Printing Co. Offer Full Service 

Free local delivery with print business cards, Southport and local Gold Coast Region One of the questions we get asked a lot when working on branding solutions for new or established businesses is whether they need to print business cards; Southport Printing Co.’s answer is always a firm yes. No matter how digital the world goes, you still need to be able to easily communicate

2109, 2020

Personalise your Floor Stickers with your Logo and Corporate Colours

Don't let COVID-19 Compromise your Professionalism COVID-19 is now a part of every aspect of our lives and businesses. This is the time to make sure your business is viewed in the best possible light, which means being professional with the rollout of your COVID-Safe Plan. Unsightly sticky-tape on business floors is an unfortunate and unnecessary safety hazard. Using branded and slip-rated laminate social distancing

1409, 2020

Thinking about printing a book? Let us help you!

We make printing books easy at Southport Printing Co. Are you thinking about printing a book? At Southport Printing Co. we have the capacity to print a large range of books, with as many or as few pages as you like, all in house. Our extensive range of print machinery allow for both cost-effective short and long print runs. We offer a range of finishes, paper stocks, binding

1409, 2020

Offset Printing: The Original Professional Printing Press

Why is Offset Printing Still Used Hundreds of Years After it Was Invented? When it comes to having the ultimate creativity in colour and texture for your print materials, offset printing is still the best choice for your project. Southport Printing Co. likes to boast about how our team has over 500 years combined experience in the print industry, but offset printing is even older

1309, 2020

Digital Printing: The Fast And Affordable Print Solution From Your Local Print Industry Leaders

Fast Gold Coast Digital Printing From The Heart When you need a quick turnaround print job without sacrificing quality, you need digital printing from the local printer team at Southport Printing Co. Digital printing is almost as easy as pressing print on your office computer, but with a professional finish no matter how tight your deadline is - digital printing is so fast that sometimes

809, 2020

Charity News: We Support Scrub Up September

The Southport Printing Co. team is proud to support local charity. Scrub Up September for Kids in Hospital is the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation's annual charity fundraising campaign. It brings our community together during September to raise much-needed funds to help sick kids in hospital. Throughout September, Southport Printing Co. will be donating $1 from every order placed via our online COVID-Safe Sticker Shop to

709, 2020

We print COVID-Safe Signage Solutions for all kinds of businesses

Your COVID-Safe Signage Solutions from Southport Printing Co. COVID-Safe signage and information is now such a part of the new normal for us that it’s hard to remember what life was like without it. It feels like we’ve always had our online COVID-Safe sticker shop alongside our range of wide format printing and other print service here at Southport Printing Co.! It’s also been a

709, 2020

Fast Printing is our Specialty at Southport Printing Co.

Gold Coast Fast Printing: Same Day Service Available Time is money and when it comes to getting your message to market, especially in tumultuous trading times like we’ve experienced recently, missed opportunities can have a big impact on your bottom line. Southport Printing Co. are your rapid printing specialists. Our digital printing capabilities mean that we can print direct from digital files without the need

109, 2020

Digital Printing: Fast Turnaround and Cost Effective

Imagine being able to contact your printer and have your project packed and ready to be delivered just a couple of hours later. Southport Printing Co. pride ourselves on being able to offer fast turnaround printing which can even mean same day service for digital printing Gold Coast and have a vast network of delivery partners to help us get your job to you sooner

3008, 2020

Simple Mailbox Dropped Flyers Deliver Results

Dropping flyers into customers mailboxes has been a traditional marketing strategy for many years. Simply put, this strategy works! We all know that marketing works, yet when the going gets tough, it is often the marketing budget that is first sacrificed. So, how much should we value our marketing? Let’s consider the success of Coochie HydroGreen as examined by Ian McLeod, who has been there from the very beginning. Coochie HydroGreen

3008, 2020

A Great Flyer Delivers Results

What Makes A Great Flyer? We all know that “content is king” when it comes to digital, but when it comes to print, it’s your design that is going to make it most effective for you. Flyer design needs the right amount of information, with enough detail and creativity to make people take notice of it while ensuring that the overall look is clean and

2408, 2020

We Make Printing Brochures, Pamphlets and other Printed Flyers and Booklets Easy!

Printed Brochures Help You Bring in The Business Brochures, pamphlets and other printed flyers and booklets are one of the most effective ways to let your customers know who you are and what you can do for them. Not only are they cost effective to print, they’re also easy to distribute and you can even make a digital version available on your website to make

2308, 2020

Co-Branded Marketing Collateral: Sharing the Cost, Not the Impact

Here at Southport Printing Co. we aren’t just your local Gold Coast print shop, we’re your partner in print, marketing and promotion, which is why we’ve always prided ourselves on providing professional and affordable design and print services. To strengthen the partnership, and help your marketing and advertising budget go even further, we’ve introduced a range of co-branded promotional products that we are now printing

1608, 2020

Offset Printing Made Easy

Offset Printing: Crisp Resolution for Commercial Print Quantities At Southport Printing Co., we’re proud of our brand heritage with over 500 years combined print industry experience amongst our close-knit team. Read more about us here. We’re not the only thing that has centuries of history – offset printing, which is one of our most popular printing methods, hails from the 1700’s when lithography was first

1608, 2020

Posters, Pull Up Banners and More with Wide Format Printing

Posters, Pull Up Banners and More with Wide- Format Printing Here at Southport Printing Co., when we tell you that your only limit is your imagination, we really mean it. We have in-house wide-format printing capabilities which means we can print in a variety of print finishes to almost any size. Whether you’re looking for a large vinyl banner to hang outside or to refresh

908, 2020

Promotional Items and Branded Merchandise Are Gifts That Keep On Giving

Promotional Items and Branded Merchandise keep your Brand Front of Mind with Customers Everyone loves a gift! Promotional items are always received well by clients. Now more than ever it’s important to make sure that you’re getting maximum return on investment on your advertising spend and impressions always matter. We’re used to talking about them in terms of digital advertising where an “impression” is how

908, 2020

Southport Printing Co.’s Document Binding Will Help You Keep It Together

Modern Document Binding does not mean Chunky Documents When we think of document binding, images of those chunky documents with a plastic comb spine and clear front cover come to mind. While this certainly is a popular way to professionally finish documents, binding actually refers to the process of “sealing” the pages of your document together which means even stapling can be a form of

608, 2020

Free-Standing Corflutes

Free-Standing Corflutes are a cost-effective way to Shout your Message Out! In this ever changing world, there is one thing that we can be certain of; social distancing and COVID-19 Safe business plans are going to be around for a while. At Southport Printing Co., we are pleased to announce the release of free-standing corflute signs from just $19.50 each. These signs are a great

208, 2020

Versioning Printing; a Cost Effective Way to Print Variations of the One Job

Printing variations of one job is a cost effective way to reach a greater market share We recently spoke to our clients about variable data and personalised mail outs, the response was amazing! It is great to see that a number of you are now connecting with your databases with personalised communications. In today’s blog, we would like to share with you the concept of versioning printing, which is

208, 2020

Your Business Cards are one of your Key Marketing Tools

How to Make Your Business Cards Work Harder for You Sometimes we get asked if the humble business card is still relevant when communication is now so digital. Our answer is always a resounding yes. The way that businesses interact with each other and their clients may have changed, but the need to present a polished, professional experience and make it easy for people to

108, 2020

You’ve Printed A Smile on Our Face: Thank You for Your Support

You’ve Printed A Smile on Our Face: Thank You for Your Support Southport Printing Co. like most businesses, has been through our share of ups and downs and seen a lot over the years that we have been operating. But, like many others, 2020 has presented new challenges unlike anything most of us have experienced before. Something we have consistently experienced though, and hope we

2607, 2020

Great Customer Service; Giving Thanks to Your Patrons the Traditional Way

When it comes to business, we all understand the importance of great customer service. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making our premises welcoming and inviting, choosing staff who share our vision and values and doing everything we can to make sure our customer feels like we value their business during the transaction. Some businesses even have loyalty programs. The retailer who

1907, 2020

Digital Printing Technology is key for Speed to Market

Fast Digital Printing As budgets get cut, timeframes are reduced and the need to get customers through the door increases, digital printing has become the best option to produce your marketing solutions quickly and efficiently. At Southport Printing Co., we have the latest digital print technology that will produce a high-quality job in a fraction of the time and within budget. Our digital print capabilities

1207, 2020

Brand Your Businesses Windows with One Way Stickers

The front of your office or workplace is your presentation to the world. As our communities continue to come back to work, make an impressive statement to your clients and prospects with a one way vision graphic. This graphics solution provides the opportunity to present vibrant, high quality images on glass surfaces, yet still allows natural light into your office. This solution also permits a

2406, 2020

Southport Printing Co. supports Make-A-Wish Gold Coast

It was our absolute pleasure to support the Make-A-Wish Gold Coast Volunteer Branch by printing flyers for the Make-A-Wish raffle at no charge. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Make-A-Wish Gold Coast Volunteer branch were forced to cancel all fundraising events. This was sad news given that they have so many wishes waiting to happen. However, the Make-A-Wish Raffle campaign is underway! There are three

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