Every business needs a brochure to tell the story of their company. A well designed and professionally printed brochure is the unsung hero of advertising. There is no better way to communicate the skills of your business.

We are surrounded by hundreds of digital messages every single day, from what we Google to what paid advertisers show us, there is a constant stream of messaging to all consumers. With all this digital marketing in place, customers sometimes ask, is it still important to have a company brochure?

The answer to this question is yes!

A brochure is a critical part of your business identity along with your company’s website.

A printed brochure is a vital piece of literature that tells the story about your company and the products and services that you offer. Creative artwork and company branding printed on quality stock makes a great statement about your business and gives customers and potential customers a tangible keepsake piece to assist with keeping your company front of mind.

At Southport Printing Co., we print all kinds of brochures for all kinds of businesses! We print short runs of brochures for small companies and brochures by the thousands for other companies!

There is no limit to the creativity that can be captured within any brochure design, print and finishing process. Saddle stitching and a range of folding techniques will bring your brochure together, while additional print finishing processes can make your piece dazzle; including die cutting, foiling, embossing, spot varnish and celloglazing.

Standard brochure sizes include:

4pp, 6pp and 8pp folded to A4

4pp, 6pp and 8pp folded to A5

4pp, 6pp and 8pp folded to DL

Common brochure stocks include:

130gsm Gloss/Stain Art

150gsm Gloss/Stain Art

170gsm Gloss/Stain Art

250gsm Gloss/Stain Art

Finishing options include:

Gloss/matt celloglaze



Spot gloss UV

A brochure keeps the face of your business in customers’ hands – and in customers’ heads. It is a fantastic snapshot of your business and a reminder of the services that you offer. 

  1. Your business will get the perfect introduction every time with a well-designed brochure
  2. Printing and distributing brochures for your company can expand your company’s visibility
  3. Brochures are a great marketing tool to reach out to potential and existing customers
  4. Brochures are your companies positive press statement. You decide how your brochure tells the story of your company.
  5. Brochures tell more of a story about your company than a business card. They are a great resource to have ready on hand for any networking opportunity that you may come across.
  6. A well-designed, well-written brochure can help sell your products and services.

Brochure design

In today’s world, people have access to a range of amazing creative software. Many customers with little or no creative design skills are outputting quality designs. At Southport Printing Co., we accept print ready PDF files. We also have a team of graphic artists in house who are ready and waiting to assist with creative brochures to help sell your products and services. Should you require assistance with creative design, please contact us.

A poorly designed brochure can say as much about your business as a well-designed one; be sure that your brochure sends the right message about your company.

With brochure printing prices starting from $90 + GST, Southport Printing Co. can help you get your message in the minds of your customers affordably and efficiently.

Contact our sales team today to discuss the specific brochure requirements for your business.