Wall wrapWall wraps and Floor Graphics; They say a picture tells a thousand words. Content may be king in the digital world, where keywords and carefully crafted copy can help convert customers and boost your rankings, but in the physical environment, words won’t tell your story the same way images will.

Previously, businesses had been limited to small images in their space – printed, framed photographs or a nice piece of artwork hung on the wall. While these are still simple and easy ways to refresh your décor, there are other options that can have a bigger impact on your customer experience, which means better results for your business.

A Marketing Mural
Street art has become incredibly popular in recent years, with local governments and businesses commissioning artists to create murals on the sides of buildings and other public spaces. They look incredible, but usually run into the tens of thousands of dollars making them out of reach for most businesses.

Wall wrapOur printed wraps can give you the impact of a billboard or mural in a more cost effective way. The Southport Printing Co. in-house team of designers, printers and installers can custom create a wall or window wrap to fit any size space. We have a wide range of materials and surface finishes to suit interior and exterior installations and adhere to almost any surface.

Turn your real estate into advertising
Wall and window wraps and decals can help you maximise the exposure you’re getting on space you already pay for. Where billboards, signs and other types of large format advertisements generally get erected or printed on spaces owned by other people, wall wraps can be installed inside or outside at your premises.

They’re also removable which makes them a great option to keep you onside with your landlord if you’re leasing.

Beautify the Beige
Wall wrapNeutral tones are a safe option for many commercial premises, but they can also be a little bland and tend to show age and wear and tear. Wall wraps are a durable, cost effective way to bring life to your walls, windows and even floors or ceilings.

There are some really creative ways you can use the wraps. You may prefer to incorporate your brand colours into a striking but subtle design, or really let people immerse themselves into your business with photographs that make them feel like they’re somewhere else.

Case Study: Christchurch Airport
When you think about New Zealand, you think about some of the most striking scenery in the world. From the mountains to the coast, cities to the forests, New Zealand is known as a place of natural wonders.

While there are some spectacular airports around the world – Singapore’s Changi Airport is almost a destination in itself – most tend to be full of drab colours and generally uninteresting and uninspiring places, even though they can lead to exciting experiences.

Christchurch Airport have done away with dull and installed a number of large format wall wraps with iconic photos that really help people imagine themselves hiking through the lush green forests, driving through spectacular scenery or exploring a contemporary city. They’ve even taken it a step further by diffusing the scent of things like the quintessential New Zealand farm through their vents. From the moment people step off the plane, they really feel like they have arrived at their destination and started their adventure.

Wide Format In-House Printing Available Now
The experienced team at Southport Printing Co. can take your project from concept to installation, whether you’re locally based on the Gold Coast or further away. We can work with existing artwork you may have, or design a custom creation for your space.

Our measure and quoting service is at no cost to you, and when it’s time to install your mural, we’ll work with you to schedule the best time for your business, even if it means working after hours.

Contact Southport Printing Co. today about how we can help you bring your brand experience to life with wall and window wraps.