Paper sizes are back of hand knowledge to us in the printing industry, but only because it is what we do!

In this week’s blog, we have put together a simple list of the regular paper sizes used in printing to benefit our customers:

Paper sizesPaper sizes:

A0 = 841mm x 1189mm

A1 = 594mm x 841mm

A2 = 420mm x 594 mm

A3 = 297mm x 420mm

A4 = 210mm x 297mm

A5 = 148mm x 210mm

A6 = 105mm x 148mm

If you stay within these guidelines when designing your artwork or amend existing artwork to fit these sizes, it can help to reduce your print costs significantly as you will minimise wastage, as well as save money and paper.

Talk to our sales team about tips on how to get better value when printing your next job by making slight adjustments to the finished size.