Seal The Deal with the Perfect Envelope for your Business

Envelopes are the first impression that your customers get of your company, so make sure that they make a great statement about how you would like your company perceived….

From landing in customers’ mailboxes to housing sales kits and collateral, a branded envelope gives you yet another channel to promote your brand!

Customised Envelopes

Seal the deal with customised envelopes branded with your corporate colours to make a professional first impression.

Our standard envelopes sizes include:

  • DL (220 x 110mm)
  • DLX (235 x 120mm)
  • C5 (229 x 162mm)
  • C4 (324 x 229mm)
  • B4 (353 x 250mm)

While there are a variety of stocks that envelopes can be printed on, the most common stocks are:

  • White Uncoated
  • Gold Uncoated

Speak to one of our friendly sales team for other stock options to suit your business needs.

Envelopes come in many shapes and sizes. Options include but are not limited to:

  • Window or plain face
  • Secretive
  • Peel ‘n’ seal
  • Self seal

While the majority of standard envelopes come in boxes of 250 or 500, custom made envelopes can be printed in any quantity that you require.

Creative Envelopes

Investing in creative envelopes is a further way to draw attention to your brand. Creative envelopes have a number of strong marketing benefits including:

Increase in open rate
How enticing does a bright colour envelope in your mailbox appear next to the bank statement!

Stand out from the crowd
There are many variations that can be applied to any envelope to make it stand out including

Unique shapes and sizes
We can die cut envelopes to any shape or size. Imagine receiving a special birthday invitation in a cupcake envelope?

Splashes of colour
Envelopes do not need to be plain white! Get creative and run your brand through your envelope! Matching envelopes and letterhead give your company credibility with your customers.

Textured stocks
We all love something a little different. Textured stocks give you a real competitive edge and may not be as expensive as you think!

Talk to us today about getting your business’ envelopes shouting out your company’s brand!