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Business Cards in Southport

Whether you are setting up a new office or looking for more ways to increase productivity, your business cards are an essential item that should be at your disposal at all times.

Your business card is often the first impression of your products and services. Let Southport Printing Co. create business cards that tell your story with style and quality that is reflective of your business. Business cards are economical to produce. Everybody notices a great looking business card. Watch your business card doing its job as a silent and extremely cost-effective salesperson for your business.

We can print your business card in a range of sizes on many types of cardstock and with quality finishes.

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Standard Sizes

• 90 x 55mm

• 90 x 50mm

• 90 x 45mm

Common Stocks

• 280gsm textured

• 300gsm Artboard

• 350gsm Artboard

• 400gsm Artboard


• Gloss/matt celloglaze

• Round cornering

• Spot gloss UV

• Foil

• Emboss

On Brand Business Cards

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