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Whether you are setting up a new office or looking for more ways to increase productivity, your business cards are an essential item that should be at your disposal at all times.

Your business card is often the first impression of your products and services. Let Southport Printing Co. create business cards that tell your story with style and quality that is reflective of your business. Business cards are economical to produce. Everybody notices a great looking business card. Watch your business card doing its job as a silent and extremely cost-effective salesperson for your business.

We can print your business card in a range of sizes on many types of cardstock and with quality finishes.

Standard Sizes

• 90 x 55mm

• 90 x 50mm

• 90 x 45mm

Common Stocks

• 280gsm textured

• 300gsm Artboard

• 350gsm Artboard

• 400gsm Artboard


• Gloss/matt celloglaze

• Round cornering

• Spot gloss UV

• Foil

• Emboss

What Makes A Good Business Card

Your business card should be an extension of your brand. They might be credit card sized but they’re sometimes referred to as your “pocket billboard” because they have the power to help people recognise, relate to and refer to your business. As the adage says, “with great power comes great responsibility” and there are some golden rules that you should stick to when it comes to your business card design and printing.

Getting your business cards started

Whether you’re a new business getting your name out there for the first time, or an established business topping up your supplies, before you start ordering your business cards, you need to make sure that you have your brand identity finalised. This includes your logo and accompanying brand fonts and colours – these are the things that help people recognise who you are and what you stand for. If you don’t have your branding designed yet or it’s been awhile since yours was refreshed, Southport Printing Co.’s in-house design team can work with you to develop your visual identity before we start your project.

Keep it (fairly) simple

If you do a quick Google of some of the most unique business cards, you’ll see that some businesses are getting really creative with shapes, cut-outs and more. These things can all be fun and funky but only when they’re going to be used the right way. We generally recommend sticking to some of the same, core principles such as a standard size and key design elements to let your brand be what really brings your card to life.

That’s not that we don’t encourage creativity, but we’ll talk to you about how you’ll use, display and distribute your business cards during the initial stages of the project to make sure that the finished product will suit the purpose.

Think about how you want your customers to contact you

Nowadays, we all have multiple ways for people to get in contact with us but you don’t need to print every single one on your business card. We do recommend at a minimum having a phone, email and website address. You can also include your social media handles but only if you’re active on them. If you have a business Facebook page that hasn’t been updated for a little while, or your team don’t have the time to respond to messages on there, leave it off and stick to the contact methods you do regularly use.

Digital printing makes ordering easy

It used to be that you had to order more cards than you could ever use to make your printing affordable but with the advent of things like digital printing, you’re able to order the quantities you need in a cost effective way. And because digital prints straight from computer files with no set up, when you’re running low on business card or brochure stock, it’s really easy – and fast – to get more printed and delivered to your door.

Order Your Business Cards Today

Southport Printing Co. are your fast printing specialists. We offer quick turnaround, sometimes even with same day service! With our extended network of delivery partners we can get your printing projects finished, packed and on their way to you no matter where you are in Australia.

Whether you are a new brand looking to get your name out to the world or an established business who needs more stock, Southport Printing Co. are here to help you. You’ll be assigned a personal Sales Manager who will oversee your business card order from the initial concept right through to when it’s time to start handing out your details.

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