All stickers are 300mm slip-rated laminate stickers

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Welcome to our Social Distancing Floor Sticker Self-Ordering Shop

Throughout September, Southport Printing Co. will be donating $1 from every order placed via our online COVID-Safe Sticker Shop to this special cause. To place an order, click here.

At Southport Printing Co. on the Gold Coast, we are helping businesses meet their COVID safety requirements with a number of safety products including Social Distancing Floor Stickers.

We have hundreds of pre-printed COVID-Safe Social Distancing Floor Stickers in our online shop ready for immediate dispatch. Select from two kinds of artwork, each available in your choice of blue, yellow and red.

In addition to our standard floor stickers, we are excited to add Indoor Carpet Decals to our range of COVID safety materials. This stock is also suitable for any indoor smooth surface, and offers a high-tack adhesive that removes cleanly.

Place your order directly for these 300mm slip-rated laminate stickers before 10am Monday – Friday for same day dispatch Australia wide. Delivery is free Australia wide.

Upon completion, you will be taken to PayPal to process your payment. If you need assistance please, contact us.

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1.5m Distancing Footprints
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Social Distancing Floor Stickers with Same Day Dispatch

Southport Printing Co. are here to help you get back on track after the recent restrictions and changes to operations. No doubt clearly marked entry and exit points and social distancing reminders are a key part of your COVID-Safe plan.

If you’re still using temporary wayfinder methods like tape on the floor to mark where people should stand or queue, our pre-printed floor stickers can make life easier for your customers, your staff and your business. There’s no briefs to give or proofs to check, you just have to decide how many you need and we’ll get them on their way to you.

The Flaws with Sticking Things on Your Floors

 As important as it is to make sure that your customers, clients and other visitors can easily adhere to social distancing recommendations and regulations, it’s also vital to ensure that your solution doesn’t cause more problems.

Not all materials were made to go on the floor. If you’re doing your own in house marking out with tape or similar, it’s important to make sure you’re not inadvertently causing a slip or trip hazard.

Floors are high traffic areas so even if your risk assessment found that your tape or other material was safe enough to use, it may not be durable enough to go the distance which means you’ll be replacing it more often – or worse, it may become dangerous as it wears and could even be damaging the flooring underneath.

Ready to Send Floor Stickers

Southport Printing Co. have created 300mm slip-rated laminate floor stickers in two designs and a choice of three colours and printed them in bulk.

These stickers were created to be placed on the floor which means they can be removed easily at a later date. They’re hardy enough to withstand high volumes of foot traffic and are also resistant to damage from things like spills, trolleys and almost anything else your business – or customers – put them through. They’re also slip-rated which make them a better choice than your own materials from a workplace health and safety perspective.

Orders placed before 10am will be sent the same day and we’re offering free delivery nationwide.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward With Professional Printing

While safety and durability are definitely compelling reasons to order social distancing floor stickers, they’re not the only reason you should consider a printed solution.

Professionally printed social distancing materials help your customers to perceive your business as one that has everything in order, has wholly embedded COVID-Safe actions in their operations and is taking both their obligations and their customer’s wellbeing seriously.

It also gives your staff support, they’ve had to go on a steep learning curve in recent times and by installing professionally printed floor stickers, not only do they not have to worry about maintaining your temporary taped markings, they also have something to both remind them of the rules and also refer people to if your team are in the position whereby they have to monitor adherence.

Order Your Social Distancing Floor Stickers Now

We’ve set up an easy to use online shopfront that lets you get your pre-printed floor stickers on their way to you in just a few clicks. PayPal is our preferred payment method but if you or your team need help with that or need another payment method, just contact the Southport Printing Co. team.

If you need a customised print solution to help you get back to business, we can have one of our dedicated Sales Managers give you a call to discuss your requirements and put together a proposal.

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