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Print Finishes; The Finish That is Added Once the ink has Dried!

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Print Finishes for any Print Job!

Print finishes include binding or stapling as well as any decorating process that is used to finish a job including die cutting, embossing or celloglazing. A small investment in a special finish on your print job can help your marketing collateral stand out.

Below is an overview of the different print finishing options that we offer at Southport Printing Co. to help you determine which option may be best for your next print job:


Die-cutting involves making a stamp that trims your print job to a set shape or design. This process can make a strong impact as it creates collateral with a point of difference. Options can be as simple as rounding the corners of your business cards through to creating a city skyline.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and debossing involve shaping the stock by raising or pressing it in and creating a 3-dimensional finish.This is an effective way to add a tactile dimension to your print job.


Foiling is a print process where a metallic or foil is pressed into the print job by use of a stamp or a die form. This technique gives any job a touch of elegance.


The process of celloglazing involves overlaying a coating on your material which makes it more durable and water resistant. In addition to this, a celloglazed finish enhances your print job differently depending on your choice of a matte or gloss finish. A matte finish is a great option for a classic or elegant piece while a high gloss finish suits a modern piece with strong colours.

Foiling print finishes
Print finishes


Our specialised folding machines ensure that jobs are individually managed to minimise the risk of splitting during the folding process. Our team will recommend scoring your print job when necessary and if required, jobs can be hand folded by our in-house team.


Drilling is the process of using a sharp hollow tool to drill holes in large stacks of paper at one time. The drilling process ensures that the finish is clean and that the holes are precisely placed. The most common use for drilling is for documents that are to be inserted into binders. While using any print finish will enhance your job, using a combination of print finishes can really take your print job to the next level.

Southport Printing Co. Offer Print Finishing Options for Any Print Job!

Print finishing options include binding or stapling as well as any decorating process that is used to finish a job including die cutting, embossing or celloglazing – there is a perfect print finishing option for any job!

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