Branded merchandisePromotional Items and Branded Merchandise keep your Brand Front of Mind with Customers

Everyone loves a gift! Promotional items are always received well by clients.

Now more than ever it’s important to make sure that you’re getting maximum return on investment on your advertising spend and impressions always matter. We’re used to talking about them in terms of digital advertising where an “impression” is how many times digital content like a social media post or advertisement is potentially seen but it’s the same kind of principle for any marketing activity.

If you want something that is:

  • Nearly 70% more cost effective than conventional advertising and
  • Will make people not only think more favourably about your business but also help ensure 90% of them will still remember who you are two years later *

You need to start thinking about incorporating promotional merchandise into your marketing mix.

Promotional items or merchandise are all about having your brand on something tangible you can give your clients. It can be as simple as a magnet, or as elaborate as a piece of clothing and there are some fun, creative things that you can do around both the item you choose and how you distribute it as well as how your brand identity is incorporated.

Make Memories with Your Marketing

Think about all the radio, print, outdoor and online ads you’ve seen over the past two years. How many can you remember? Now think about that branded pen, quirky magnet, stubby cooler or other branded item you have nearby. If it’s been designed well, you instantly know who it’s from and research shows** there’s also a high chance you’ll be able to recall some detail about who gave it to you and when.

Savvy marketers make their promotional items functional. If people use something, it has more value to them and there’s also opportunities to have your recipients become a walking billboard if you’re gifting them something that they’ll wear, use or take with them as they go about daily life.

It’s time to make sure your customers remember who you are and recommend your services with a new order of promotional merchandise.

Southport Printing Co. Can Print as Much Or As Little As You’d Like On Almost Anything

Whether you want to gift a magnet or a cap, a pen or a keyring and almost anything in between, Southport Printing Co.’s powerful in-house digital printing capability means that we can print on almost any surface including plastic and fabric. There are some really popular and handy paper products available too like calendars and more.

Digital printing doesn’t have any cumbersome (and costly) set up associated with it. As soon as your PDF has been approved, we can start printing your project. Not only does this mean you’ll have your promotional items quicker, there’s not the same need to print higher quantities to make it affordable. This means that whether you need 20 or 20,000 of a promotional item, we can help you in a cost and time effective way.

At Southport Printing Co. you’ll be assigned a Sales Manager who will manage your promotional items project from your initial meeting with us right through to you receiving the finished product. We can print from your files and usually just need a high-resolution version of your logo to get started. If your brand needs a refresh or you’re looking for something a little more creative, our in-house designers can help make your vision a reality.

An order of new promotional merchandise will help elevate your sales pitches and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising. Speak to the Southport Printing Co. team today to get your next branding project underway.