PostersPosters, Pull Up Banners and More with Wide- Format Printing

Here at Southport Printing Co., when we tell you that your only limit is your imagination, we really mean it. We have in-house wide-format printing capabilities which means we can print in a variety of print finishes to almost any size. Whether you’re looking for a large vinyl banner to hang outside or to refresh your posters and advertisements in a lightbox, we can help.

What is wide-format printing?

Also known as large-format printing, this is a digital print process that can produce large printed projects. There’s no cumbersome set up process involved to complete the work, Southport Printing Co.’s machines can print directly onto the project material. This means you still get a high-quality finish but can also benefit from a faster turnaround time; in most cases we can have your wide-format print job ready for delivery within two days of receiving your approval.

The type of material used for your project will depend on what it is that you need printed and whether it’s for interior or exterior display but some of the options include paper, vinyl, canvas or cotton. Your Sales Manager will discuss how you’re using your product with you to ensure that your finished product is going to be durable.

What can be printed in wide-format?

It’s not just the finished product that’s wide when it comes to large-format print jobs. Some of the most requested things we work on include, but are not limited to:

Posters: whether you’re looking for a way to promote your latest promotion inside your business or need to make impact outside on a wall, a poster is an effective way to communicate your brand and what you offer.

Vinyl or Fabric Banners: this is things like the humble (but incredibly effective) pull-up banner, and even the branded mesh fence coverings commonly seen on construction sites and the floor to ceiling displays often seen in shop windows in shopping centre complexes.

Temporary or Permanent Wall and Floor Graphics: wrapping walls and stamping your floor has so many benefits. Some are purely aesthetic – it instantly gives a vibrant look to your space, others are functional such as giving directions or information. You can even make them multipurpose and include some entertainment as well such as including fun facts about your business and industry or little pop quizzes for people to guess the answers to as they make their way around the space.

Wide-format design tips

It can be really tempting to try and make the most of your massive area but less is more when it comes to messaging on most large print jobs. Think about things like billboards which make a huge impact and are seen by a large audience but need a specific style of design to make them memorable.

If you’re not sure how to maximise your messaging on your large-format print job, speak to your Sales Manager. Southport Printing Co. have a talented, experienced team of designers in-house who can create your mammoth masterpiece, but we can also give you direction and advice if you’d rather supply your own print-ready artwork.

When you need to think big, think Southport Printing Co. Independently owned and operated on Queensland’s Gold Coast, we have a national distribution network that can help you get your message spread far and wide so you don’t even need to be in Queensland to work with us, we’ve even assisted clients as far away as Perth!

We have centuries of combined experience in our close-knit team, which, combined with our modern print facilities ensures your project not only looks great but also delivers the results you’re looking for.