Document bindingModern Document Binding does not mean Chunky Documents

When we think of document binding, images of those chunky documents with a plastic comb spine and clear front cover come to mind. While this certainly is a popular way to professionally finish documents, binding actually refers to the process of “sealing” the pages of your document together which means even stapling can be a form of binding. Various other types of binding are used in the production of things like books and magazines and even notepads.

Southport Printing Co. don’t just provide printing services; we can also finish your document(s) to your specifications or make recommendations about the best binding option to suit the goal of your projects.

The Benefits of Binding

Binding isn’t just a way to provide a professional finish to important documents and make them easy to read, display or store. It has some other benefits as well:

Binding Makes Documents Easy to Read: No matter how big or small your document is, having it finished with a proper cover and spine will make it easier for readers to manage.

Binding Helps Documents Last Longer: make dogeared copies of your most important documents a thing of the past. Binding helps preserve documents by both making it easy to read and offering protection via the front and back cover. This is also great for copies that are going to pass through multiple hands.

Binding Looks Professional: Image is everything and first impressions count. Presenting a professionally bound document ensures that you’re putting your best foot forward, whether it’s a major piece of assessment, an annual report or something in between.

What Can Be Bound?

Whether you’ve put together a multipage catalogue, major presentation, a large piece of assessment or your company’s annual report, there is a binding option to suit your format.

When our clients aren’t sure what the best option is, our Sales Managers will discuss various things with you to help guide the decision making. This includes:

  • Your goals for the publication
  • Who your target audience/document recipients will be
  • How the document will be displayed, distributed or presented
  • The format and content of your document
  • Your budget and timeframe for the project

Fast Turnaround Printing and Binding

Southport Printing Co. can work with whatever time restraints you have for the project. In some cases, we’re even able to offer same day service. So if you’re looking for a last minute solution for your next publication, get in touch and we’ll work out the quickest way to get it to you.

Bound Documents Delivered to Your Door

Southport Printing Co. work in partnership with a number of local and national couriers and delivery providers. Our experienced team will ensure that your publication is printed, bound and packed safely for transit.

Full-Service Publication Design, Print and Finishing

We can print and finish from a digital file (usually a print ready PDF) or work with you to design your document prior to printing. Every client of Southport Printing Co. is assigned a personal Sales Manager who will assist you from your initial enquiry through to delivery and at every point in between. We’re able to deliver these services without breaking the bank. We’re a family owned and operated business “Printing From Experience” with hundreds of years combined work history in our team and the latest printing and finishing technologies and we pride ourselves on providing cost effective solutions for our customers.

Whether you need something stapled, bound or a magazine finish, the Southport Printing Co. team are here to help. We’re looking forward to working with you on your next project. Contact us today by completing the below form: