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908, 2020

Promotional Items and Branded Merchandise Are Gifts That Keep On Giving

Promotional Items and Branded Merchandise keep your Brand Front of Mind with Customers Everyone loves a gift! Promotional items are always received well by clients. Now more than ever it’s important to make sure that you’re getting maximum return on investment on your advertising spend and impressions always matter. We’re used to talking about them in terms of digital advertising where an “impression” is how

908, 2020

Southport Printing Co.’s Document Binding Will Help You Keep It Together

Modern Document Binding does not mean Chunky Documents When we think of document binding, images of those chunky documents with a plastic comb spine and clear front cover come to mind. While this certainly is a popular way to professionally finish documents, binding actually refers to the process of “sealing” the pages of your document together which means even stapling can be a form of

608, 2020

Free-Standing Corflutes

Free-Standing Corflutes are a cost-effective way to Shout your Message Out! In this ever changing world, there is one thing that we can be certain of; social distancing and COVID-19 Safe business plans are going to be around for a while. At Southport Printing Co., we are pleased to announce the release of free-standing corflute signs from just $19.50 each. These signs are a great

208, 2020

Versioning Printing; a Cost Effective Way to Print Variations of the One Job

Printing variations of one job is a cost effective way to reach a greater market share We recently spoke to our clients about variable data and personalised mail outs, the response was amazing! It is great to see that a number of you are now connecting with your databases with personalised communications. In today’s blog, we would like to share with you the concept of versioning printing, which is

208, 2020

Your Business Cards are one of your Key Marketing Tools

How to Make Your Business Cards Work Harder for You Sometimes we get asked if the humble business card is still relevant when communication is now so digital. Our answer is always a resounding yes. The way that businesses interact with each other and their clients may have changed, but the need to present a polished, professional experience and make it easy for people to

108, 2020

You’ve Printed A Smile on Our Face: Thank You for Your Support

You’ve Printed A Smile on Our Face: Thank You for Your Support Southport Printing Co. like most businesses, has been through our share of ups and downs and seen a lot over the years that we have been operating. But, like many others, 2020 has presented new challenges unlike anything most of us have experienced before. Something we have consistently experienced though, and hope we

2607, 2020

Great Customer Service; Giving Thanks to Your Patrons the Traditional Way

When it comes to business, we all understand the importance of great customer service. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making our premises welcoming and inviting, choosing staff who share our vision and values and doing everything we can to make sure our customer feels like we value their business during the transaction. Some businesses even have loyalty programs. The retailer who

1907, 2020

Digital Printing Technology is key for Speed to Market

Fast Digital Printing As budgets get cut, timeframes are reduced and the need to get customers through the door increases, digital printing has become the best option to produce your marketing solutions quickly and efficiently. At Southport Printing Co., we have the latest digital print technology that will produce a high-quality job in a fraction of the time and within budget. Our digital print capabilities

1207, 2020

Brand Your Businesses Windows with One Way Stickers

The front of your office or workplace is your presentation to the world. As our communities continue to come back to work, make an impressive statement to your clients and prospects with a one way vision graphic. This graphics solution provides the opportunity to present vibrant, high quality images on glass surfaces, yet still allows natural light into your office. This solution also permits a

2406, 2020

Southport Printing Co. supports Make-A-Wish Gold Coast

It was our absolute pleasure to support the Make-A-Wish Gold Coast Volunteer Branch by printing flyers for the Make-A-Wish raffle at no charge. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Make-A-Wish Gold Coast Volunteer branch were forced to cancel all fundraising events. This was sad news given that they have so many wishes waiting to happen. However, the Make-A-Wish Raffle campaign is underway! There are three

2106, 2020

Tourists are on their way back… It’s time to get printing!

With borders reopening, restrictions easing and the ability to holiday locally, it’s time to get your business ready to welcome your guests and customers with all the necessary printing for your business. Southport Printing Co. can help make your business COVID-safe with: Corflute signage – Help to communicate social distancing and sanitising procedures throughout your facility Disposable menus – Sanitisation is vital in all restaurants

1406, 2020

Bring Your Video Conference Wall to Life with a Wall Wrap

              Welcome to the new normal where the use of video conferencing has exploded! Instead of boring your colleagues and clients with a view of your kitchen or office wall, why not excite them with a backdrop of The Himalayas, wild jungle animals, the African Savannah or simply your corporate logo! At Southport Printing Co. we offer different styles

806, 2020

Is your Business Compliant with an Industry COVID Safe Plan?

Here at Southport Printing Co., we can help your business meet the requirements of your Industry COVID Safe Plan with an extensive range of COVID-compliant stickers and signage. Show your customers that you are taking every step possible to ensure their safety and the safety of the wider community with these affordable and effective options: Display your statement of compliance at the entrance of your

406, 2020

Use Your Windows and Walls to promote your COVID-Safe Message

Display Your COVID-Safe Messages on your Windows and Walls Display your statement of compliance at the entrance of your business with branded door and window stickers. These will be sure to catch the eye of your customers and put them at ease that you are doing the right thing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have templates ready to print or, you can use

306, 2020

Back to Business: Big Impact, Low Cost Marketing Solutions

2020 has delivered challenges unlike anything most of us have ever seen before. As life starts to transition to the ‘new normal’ and the economy resumes, many of us are looking for effective but budget friendly ways to boost our business and let past and future customers know we’re back with low cost marketing solutions. Southport Printing Co are here to help. As a local,

2705, 2020

A-Frame Signs; Great Printing Solution

Free Local Delivery | Local Gold Coast Company Increase foot traffic with a branded A-Frame; a great printing solution. A-Frame signs are versatile portable sign solution with many uses. These are ideal for sidewalk use; attracting more traffic to your business. Our A-Frame signs allow for interchangeable corflutes so that you can modify your message easily and cost-effectively to meet your customers' needs. Standard Sizes:

2405, 2020

Let us help you get your business Back to Work ready with Printing Solutions

It is fantastic to see that the COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease. Now it’s time to make sure that your business is ready to hit the ground running with all the necessary printing solutions to return to full operations. Southport Printing Co. is focused on supporting customers, existing and new, with a wide range of business collateral that cements your brand in your customers’

2105, 2020

Wrapping Your Brand’s Story on Your Walls with a Printed Wall Wrap

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Content may be king in the digital world, where keywords and carefully crafted copy can help convert customers and boost your rankings, but in the physical environment, words won’t tell your story the same way images will. Previously, businesses had been limited to small images in their space – printed, framed photographs or a nice piece of

2005, 2020

Carbonless Books Make Business On The Go Easy….

At Southport Printing Co., we have carbonless print solutions for all your business needs to make business on the go easy! No carbon required (NCR) books are simply that, books that don't require carbon paper to make copies of pages. NCR books are available in duplicate, triplicate or quadruple form. These include invoice books, order books and driver log books and can be printed to

1305, 2020

Let us help you get back to work ready with all your print needs

Let us help you get back to work ready with all your print requirements. It is time to turn on the cash register, dust off the shelves and let the beer flow again! It will not be long now until your doors will be open once again, with plenty of smiles to be seen. Keep your customers feeling safe when returning to your premises. Southport

805, 2020

Covid Safe Disposable Menus

The use of disposable menus in a restaurant is one of the best strategies that can be used to reduce the spread of germs, including COVID-19 in your restaurant or cafe. Menus can be purchased in bulk at a reduced unit price and disposed of following each use. This not only tells customers that your restaurant places a strong emphasis on the

605, 2020

Thank you Hot Tomato!

Thank you so much Hot Tomato for taking the time to chat with our beautiful Sales Manager Jasmine. What a fantastic initiative supporting local Gold Coast businesses. Listen to the full interview below:  

105, 2020

Mobile Corflute Signage

  Advertise your services like never before.. with mobile corflute signage… From $15 | Free Local Delivery | Local Gold Coast Company More than ever before, home-improvement trades are high in demand. We can help you maximise your visual advertising capacity with mobile corflute signage. These affordable light-weight signs can travel with you from job to job, displayed outside every home you work on, for

1404, 2020

Southport Printing Co. remains open for business

Southport Printing Co. remains open for business and is operating at 100% capacity. Like most people, we are closely monitoring developments in the global Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic and ensuring we are up to date with the latest recommendations and guidelines from the Australian and Queensland Government agencies. Our thoughts remain with everyone who has been affected. As this is a rapidly changing situation, we want to

904, 2020

We are open for business, shout out to your market if you are open too!

Southport Printing Co. prides itself on providing good old-fashioned customer service, and this service is one of the only things that is currently not affected by COVID-19! Our factory is 100% operational and ready and waiting to help you. We can print almost anything that your business may need, however, we are finding that the below items are very popular at the moment: DL, A5

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