Business cardsHow to Make Your Business Cards Work Harder for You

Sometimes we get asked if the humble business card is still relevant when communication is now so digital. Our answer is always a resounding yes. The way that businesses interact with each other and their clients may have changed, but the need to present a polished, professional experience and make it easy for people to contact you has not.

Southport Printing Co. have printed hundreds of thousands of business cards over the years and they continue to be one of the most popular pieces of collateral any business – whether they’ve been operating for decades or are just starting out – asks for.

Below are our tips for how to best put your business card to work.

Make It Look Like It Matters

First impressions count, and your business card may well be the first tangible one you’re your next customer experiences at the start of their relationship with you. At a minimum, business cards should be printed on quality cardstock with rich colours and clear text.

While you can tell people your contact information verbally, or share it digitally with them in the moment, the act of handing over a physical card helps you start your interactions in an on brand and professionally presented way. It also makes it easy for people to share your information too.

Keep It Simple

Less is almost always more. Don’t try and cram too much information on your business card. It’s not a brochure (but can be great to include for that personal touch if you’re distributing flyers!) so any extra information over contact details should be limited to your slogan/tagline or a couple of succinct dot points.

The simple white card with logo and contact information is still as effective in 2020 as it has always been, but there are also a number of really creative designs and features you can incorporate into your card. When you order yours, your personal Sales Manager will talk to you about what you want your business card to say about your business and help guide you towards the best way to convey that messaging.

The creative flair can come into the design detail. For example, a musician who has a vintage vibe might choose to style their card like a cassette tape; an artist could use an easel, or an architect might include a ruler along the top. With these examples the information is simple and clear for people to read but the branding is strong.

Only Order What You Need

Printing technology has come a long way. With digital printing technologies, there isn’t the same emphasis on needing to print high volumes to make a project affordable.

By only ordering enough business cards to genuinely suit your needs, you won’t have to worry about storing excess business cards or ending up with thousands leftover if there are changes in your team.

Give People A Couple of Cards

Your first objective is making sure that the person you’re sharing your details with can get in contact with you when you hand out a business card. But don’t just stop at one. Leaving a couple of cards with current and potential clients and customers means that it’s easy for them to share your details and refer you onto others in their network.

Southport Printing Co. are here to help you network and get word out about who you are. We have an in-house design team ready to help bring your brand to life on your business card and can also print from your existing files if you need to top up your supply.

Contact us today to arrange a set of business cards.