Southport Printing Co. Supports Guide Dogs Queensland

On Thursday 28 March, the office was graced with the presence of a truly special visitor – guide dog Gladys!

Gladys, with her gentle demeanour and undeniable charm, captivated the hearts of everyone she encountered. It was evident that she wasn’t just a dog; she was a symbol of hope, companionship, and the promise of a brighter future for someone in need.

As Gladys gracefully toured the factory, her training was evident in every step! As a recent graduate, she is on the brink of becoming a life-changing force for someone awaiting her assistance.

Southport Printing Co. takes immense pride in supporting Guide Dogs Queensland, recognising the profound impact these devoted animals have on the lives of those they serve. Additionally, Southport Printing Co. is proud to support numerous other charities both locally and nationally.