Strong Corporate Stationery helps Strengthen your Company’s Brand

The digital world is constantly shouting messages at us through multiple channels. The busyness that this creates often dominates our mind causing customers to switch off from the messaging. As a result, customers revert back to searching for simple, core messaging about a company like their corporate stationery.

Based on this, there has never been a more important time to retain your company’s strong corporate brand with well-designed stationery. This enforces the message that you are a legitimate, professional business that cares about the way that you are presenting yourself and that you are not just another company with the power of the click.

Well-designed and printed stationery not only makes your business look more credible, it portrays a professional footprint. In fact, the stationery that you print is a long-term investment stating that you are a professional company. Making the effort and putting in the time to do this right has a huge impact on how your customers value your business.

Corporate stationary
Corporate stationery

Mobile branding

Corporate stationery is a key tool in building and maintaining your brand. Your company’s colours, logo and identifying graphics jump out at the customer each time they receive an envelope, open a letter or find a with compliments slip. So why not print and design your stationery in the most professional manner so that it is continually working away as a silent brand ambassador?

Creative design

Stationery design is extremely important as it must reflect the image that your business is trying to portray. It should be consistent with all other branding that you have in market, including your digital footprint.

Rainbows are not always a great idea….

While use of colour is very important, colour should not just be added for the sake of having colour on your stationery. More importantly, the colours that are used should be drawn from your logo and additional colours should be complimentary to existing colours. Vibrant colours may look fantastic, but if you have a pale company logo, these colours will dominate the logo and will not blend well.

Quality stock stands out!

Printing your stationery on a quality stock (paper) helps to create a professional look and feel. There are hundreds of stocks that Southport Printing Co. use to print corporate stationery. Each one of these will make your stationery stand out to customers much more than standard photocopy paper will. This is an important detail that can easily be overlooked but can be enough to enhance your brand in a customer or potential customer’s mind.

What information do I include?

Basic information regarding your company is usually enough for corporate stationery including contact information, company address, phone number and email address. However, it is also important to check government guidelines to ensure that you are meeting the minimum requirements for your company. These requirements change for companies that differ in structure. Click here for further information.

Layout considerations

Whilst getting your brand firmly stamped on your stationery is extremely important, the design must also leave sufficient, clear, white space so that the message that the stationery contains is not lost amongst a busy background.

Should images be used?

While images are not frequently used on stationery items, this is an option if it works for your brand. Be sure to place the imagery in a place that does not take up too much space. And always use a professional image – images from Microsoft’s clip art directory are not going to give customers a professional impression of your brand!

What fonts should I use?

If your company does not have brand guidelines including fonts, the best place to start is pulling the font or fonts that are used on your logo. Select fonts styles and colours that are easy to read. Lay your text out in a simple format and as a rule of thumb, two fonts is often enough for corporate stationery.

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