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In recent weeks, Australia has been reminded that COVID-19 is still affecting the community and many businesses with an increase in cases in several states. It has become clear that COVID-19 is likely to remain a part of our lives for years to come.

The team at Southport Printing Co. continues to supply businesses throughout Australia with numerous printed products to help Australian businesses meet their COVID-safe requirements and keep their customers and staff safe.

Floor sticker
floors stickers

COVID-Safe Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Many companies are still creating their own floor markings and marking out where to stand using masking tape. This is compliant, however it has become a safety issue in several cases over the past 18 months with the edges peeling and customers taking an unfortunate fall. When taking the above into consideration, as well as the labour cost of constantly replacing the masking tape, it is easy to see that the cost of professionally printing COVID-safe social distancing floor stickers is a cheaper option.

At Southport Printing Co. we have a large range of social distancing floor stickers available via our online self-ordering shop. These are pre-printed and ready for immediate dispatch. Our social distancing floor stickers come in two sizes and various colour and, they are available for both hard flooring and carpet-covered floors. Should you prefer your social distancing floor stickers to display your logo and or branding, our in house graphic design team can work with you to design stickers to suit your individual company’s needs.

Other COVID-safe Printed Products

Southport Printing Co. are printing a range of COVID-safe products that are easy to reposition or repurpose.

Our design team have a number of customisable templates that are ready for your logo and branding to be dropped in to with content including compliance statements and social distancing notices. If you have a specific message that you would like to print, our in-house team can create this for you and incorporate your brand into the artwork.

Professionally designed and printed messaging shows customers that your company hold health and safety as a priority and that you are taking your COVID-safe requirements seriously. While Australian’s are printing many types of COVID-safe messages for their businesses, here are a few of the most popular items:

A-Frames: These old-school signs are an easy, cheap and mobile way to promote any message for your business. The use of corflute inserts allows for your message to be changed quickly and easily. These are great for general COVID-safe reminders, but are also well purposed when used to direct customers.

Signage and stickers. At Southport Printing Co. we print all kinds and shapes of stickers for many purposes. Stickers are a great solution for indoor and outdoor messaging. All our stickers are delivered trimmed and ready to apply. Our stickers are long wearing and easy to reposition.

Hand washing and sanitising reminder notices. These can be printed on a range of materials including Perspex and corflute. They are perfect for bathrooms, sanitising stations and for fixture at the entrance to any premises.

Southport Printing Co. is Here to Help!

With the cooler months well and truly here, now is a great time to consider reviewing your company’s Work Health and Safety Covid Safe Plan and top up on any printed material that you may require to ensure that you are meeting the government guidelines.

The staff at Southport Printing Co. are happy to assist with any advice that you may require to help ensure that your business is COVID-compliant.