Stamping your company stationery with your identity is key to quality branding.

Branding your company’s name, logo and other basic business information on your company stationery is one of the simplest ways to help cement your company’s identity in your customers’ minds.

Choosing a quality stock and and finish for your stationery demonstrates that you are a professional company and helps make your business stand out from the crowd.


Whether you are sending a letter, proposal or invoice, your letterhead is the face of your business.


Seal the deal with branded envelopes. Customised envelopes branded with your corporate identity will make a professional first impression.

With Compliments Slips

Don’t miss this opportunity for a little more brand exposure! Using a With Compliments Slip with a handwritten note adds a special personal touch to any message.

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With so much emphasis being placed on functional and good-looking websites these days, companies often drop the ball with core branding and marketing materials. One of the most important piece of core marketing material for any company is stationery! Quality stationery remains a core tool for any business and your company should have professional, quality, branded business stationery on hand to ensure that you are portrayed as a professional company.

Do I really still need business stationery?

Many people ask do we really still need business stationery, well the answer is YES!

Business owners often think that due to the increase in digital communication, they no longer need traditional stationery. However, this is a BIG mistake. To help answer why this is a mistake, ask yourself why do people make an extra effort to go with printed collateral for core life events? Wedding invites, formal event invitations and Order of Service for funerals are professionally printed in most cases. Why? Because it is more personal, more professional and much more special and meaningful. Are these not characteristics that you would like your company to have?

Think of this from more of a business perspective; mailing or delivering a printed letterhead or With Compliment slip to a client or a potential client with a handwritten note and your signature demonstrates a far greater level of thought than simply sending off another email!

Customers will feel like they are valued, and valued customers results in customer loyalty to your brand.

It Does Not Need to be Complicated

When you are thinking about the look and tone of your stationery, keep in mind that its sole purpose is to get your brand in front of your customers. To do this well is to just keep it simple. Include essential business information only for example your company logo, phone number, email, address, social anchors and website….don’t over complicate stationery with any other messaging.

With all this content laid out in a simple, clean format, you are well on the way to looking like a professional company who is ready to do business.

Keep your Company’s Colour Pallet in Mind

Colours must be simple and reflect your existing brand only. Remember that the content written or overprinted onto your stationery is the key message so all other content should be discrete.

Paper is Key

This piece of the branding puzzle is often overlooked however, if done well it can be the critical piece of the puzzle that delivers a high-quality look and feel for your brand. There are many choices of paper to print stationery on but choosing the right one can really enhance your entire brand.

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