Southport Printing Co. Supports LIVIN

Southport Printing Co. is proud to support LIVIN. LIVIN is a non-profit mental health organisation that was founded in 2013 in loving memory of a great man, Dwayne Lally. Dwayne took his life after living in silence with a mental illness.

LIVIN’s annual Giving Day was on Thursday September 2022. Southport Printing Co. Sales Manager Paul Madden donated his day to raise money for the cause. During the day, Paul raised an impressive $7,535. These funds will help LIVIN break the stigma of mental health and create a world where everyone accepts that It Ain’t Weak to Speak.

In addition to Paul volunteering his time atLIVIN’s Giving Day, Southport Printing Co. is proud to have donated the printing of flyers and banners to assist with the promotion of LIVIN’s fundraising initiatives throughout 2022.

At Southport Printing Co. we are proud to continue our commitment to several charities throughout the year in many ways including cash donations, complimentary and discounted printing of flyers, artwork, internal fundraising events and the donation of time at many local fundraising events on the Gold Coast.