Mailbox Drop

Mailbox Drop Your Company’s Message!

Dropping flyers into customers’ mailboxes has been a traditional marketing strategy for many years. Why is this still so popular? Because it works! This is proven to work as our brains are over saturated with many digital marketing messages every single day and we are instinctively more attracted to the old-school tangible piece of marketing collateral. There are three strategies for mailbox drops:

  • Blanket – delivery to every single mailbox in nominated postcodes
  • Targeted – selected postcodes and areas by location or average property value
  • Personalised – the use of databases to print customers’ and potential customers’details on envelopes and distribute via Australia Post

 The team at Southport Printing Co. can design, print and deliver your company’s message straight to your customers and potential customers using any of the above strategies. Contact our sales team today to see how you can give your business the exposure it deserves

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