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Simple Marketing Messages are Effective

There are a few key tools to keep in mind when creating simple messages to ensure that your message is clear and concise.

These include:

On-brand Colouring and Images
Use your brand guidelines and identity to draw from customers’ existing knowledge of your brand. This will ensure that your brand is recognised quickly when customers see your advertisements and flyers.

Use Short, Precise Messaging
Stick to the point and use as few words as you can to get your message across.

Simple Design
Don’t clutter your material with too many images or too many different designs.

Artwork Size
Consider the best size for the message you are sending out. Is it DL, A5 or is A4 more suitable?

Quality of Print
With so many print options available, it is often a tough decision to decide the best print and finish for your job! Be sure to speak with your dedicated Sales Manager to ensure that the stock that you select for your print job is the most suitable option.

If you need help simplifying your advertising message, contact us to speak with our team of in-house graphic designers. In addition to creating great design work, they can also help you with setting up brand guidelines to ensure that your marketing messages are always professional, polished and consistent.

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