Customer serviceWhen it comes to business, we all understand the importance of great customer service. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making our premises welcoming and inviting, choosing staff who share our vision and values and doing everything we can to make sure our customer feels like we value their business during the transaction.

Some businesses even have loyalty programs. The retailer who sends email subscribers special offers and discount codes along with their latest news and updates. The café who gives out a free coffee when their customers reach a certain number of repeat visits. Businesses who keep a database and send customers something special on dates like their transaction anniversary or the customer’s birthday.

These are all integral parts of what it takes to keep your customers feeling like you value their support.

Another simple, cost effective way to let your customers know you care is to give or send them a thank you card.

In times gone by, thank you cards and sending notes used to be a core part of proper etiquette and it’s one thing the team at Southport Printing Co. think should be brought back into vogue.

A Personal, Unexpected Touch

Professionally printed thank you cards can be designed to suit your business, with both the design on the front and the message inside fully customisable. You can even choose the size, type of card and finish. Your logo, colours and any other design elements that help shape your brand and identity can be incorporated to make sure people recognise who it is from.

Cards can be posted directly to your database via Australia Post, or delivered to you to distribute.

When you send your customers a thank you card, it’s an opportunity to add some personalisation to enhance the experience. You can use your data to help build your relationships with your customers. Something as simple as using their name or history with your business takes a kind gesture from good to great.

Connection Matters More Than Ever

The past couple of months have been very different times for us all, and through it all, one of the key things that people realised was how much they cherish feeling connected with not only their loved ones, but also their community.

As the economy continued to buckle, there was a renewed focus on supporting local businesses with people wanting to see others in their community both survive and thrive during the unprecedented trading times.

Sending your local community a thank you card doesn’t just acknowledge their support, it also reminds your target audience that you are back in business and ready to serve and assist them.

Southport Printing Co. Can Help You Get Back to Booming Business

Southport Printing Co. are a locally owned and operated team of professional printers and designers. We are the team “#printingfromexperience” with over 500 years combined industry experience amongst our staff.

With our digital print capabilities, we’re able to print as many or as few pieces of your project as you need and it’s fast and affordable no matter the size of the job.

Every client of ours is assigned a personal Sales Manager to oversee your project. Our Sales Managers will discuss your goals and budget and tailor a solution to meet your objectives and timeframes – we’re even able to offer same day service for those urgent jobs. We can both design and print or work with you on ensuring your supplied artwork is ready to go.

Contact us today to discuss how thank you cards can help make your customers feel valued and bring those much-needed sales through the door.