Flyers are a quick and simple solution to get your message to your customers. Flyers remain a core marketing tool for any company, and they can be produced quickly on our in-house digital printing machines.

Although DL and A5 flyers remain the most common flyer sizes, at Southport Printing Co. we print flyers in any size that you require!

Keep in mind a few key points when designing and printing a flyer for your business:

  • Don’t overfill your flyer with too much content – a busy flyer will get overlooked
  • Be sure to follow your brand guidelines strictly. This will increase brand recognition as well as readership
  • Be sure to include a Call to Action to give people a reason to contact you
  • Choose a print stock that reflects the quality of your business
  • Consider a print finish such as a foil, emboss or a deboss to make your flyer stand out

At Southport Printing Co., we can print your pre-designed artwork or our in-house graphic artists can design a new flyer to match your business’s needs.

What makes a Flyer different to a Brochure?

A flyer differs from a brochure as it is a flat print job, either single or double sided. In general, flyers are produced to promote one particular element of your business for example, a special offer that is valid for a limited time. Brochures are multipage flyers that are bound by a staple or glued.

Customers often ask us if they need a flyer or a brochure and the answer really comes down to your marketing goals. The purpose of the flyer or brochure will also determine what size flyer or brochure you need.

Great Flyers deliver Great Results

Flyers are quick to design and quick to print. They are perfect when you have little bursts of information to promote to your market. Flyers are old-school core marketing material, and there will always be a need for them! Old-school flyers are a low-tech way to communicate, and this works!

Flyers have hundreds of uses including:

  • Shout out that you are OPEN and TRADING
  • Start conversations with customers and potential customers about products or services
  • Shout out who you are, what you do and what you’re promoting right now
  • Date claimer
  • Discount coupons and specials

Flyer Sizes

Flyers can be printed in any size, but the most common sizes are:

flyer sizes

Four x A6 = A4   |  Two x A5 = A4   |  Three x DL = A4

The size of flyer that you choose for your promotion depends on the volume of content that is required as well as the purpose of the flyer. For example, a simple message promoting a 25% off all stock sale may work well on a DL or A6 flyer however, if you would like to list a list of items that are included in your sale, an A4 or an A5 flyer may be more suitable. It is also important to consider the distribution of the flyer when selecting size. An A6 flyer fits nicely into a standard envelope if you are planning a mail out where an A4 flyer is perfect to insert into most common size magazines.

Choice of Stock

When coming to the stock, it is best to select a slightly thicker stock than photocopy paper for a flyer. Although flyers usually have a short life, a quality stock reflects a quality business.

Do you need help with a flyer for your business? Contact our sales team today!