MarketingHere at Southport Printing Co. we aren’t just your local Gold Coast print shop, we’re your partner in print, marketing and promotion, which is why we’ve always prided ourselves on providing professional and affordable design and print services.

To strengthen the partnership, and help your marketing and advertising budget go even further, we’ve introduced a range of co-branded promotional products that we are now printing at Southport Printing Co.

What is co-branding?

Co-branding means providing a range of corporate gifts and other promotional items that include Southport Printing Co.’s brand alongside your own. The products are still the same high quality you’ve come to know and expect and we reference ourselves in a way that compliments your logo, colours and other brand elements. People will still know your business is giving them the gift, but they’ll also be able to see that it was provided by Southport Printing Co.

In exchange for letting us showcase our business alongside yours, we’ll print and design the promotional items at a fraction of their usual cost.

Co-brand Your Way To COVID-19 Recovery

Southport Printing Co. want to see the local economy and Gold Coast business community thrive following a tumultuous 2020 with COVID-19.

The best way to let people know you’re open again is to show them. Gifting promotional items is a great way to not only connect with your customers when they’re actively doing business with you, while reminding them of your services when they’re not, and the co-branded option makes it so cost effective.

Co-branded Colouring Books
Colouring Books are such a thoughtful way to remind people who you are. Whether they’re to help keep the little ones occupied in your waiting area or your clients are predominantly made up of young families, we guarantee these will get used, enjoyed and talked about.

We can even tailor artwork to suit your business, or use our templates of fun designs – suitable for a variety of ages. Pptional extras like colouring pencils available too.




Co-branded Writing Pads
No matter how digital the world is, everyone needs a notepad and ours are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

From a simple lined page with our logos to more intricate designs such as lists (we’ve even put measurements on the bottom of a pad for one client!), these will get used and shared and make their way everywhere from the front counter to the boardroom into the hands of potential customers.




Co-branded Desk Calendar Pads
A calendar will be with customers all year long which makes them a useful and effective way for us to remind them who we are every day. We have a number of different designs, including the popular desk pads, but also virtually any calendar variation you’ve ever seen including magnetic and hanging options available.

You Are Only Limited By Your Imagination
Have something else in mind? Southport Printing Co.’s in-house digital print capabilities can print on almost any material from paper to plastic to fabric and everything in between. Our Sales Managers are back on the road and happy to travel to your office, or can consult via Zoom if you’re still under social distancing or isolation requirements.

Our in-house design team consists of talented graphic designers who will ensure your brand looks great and your messages are communicated in a way that will help your customers convert.

Contact Us Today

Southport Printing Co. is a family owned business who “print from experience” – our team share over 500 years combined experience. We offer full service design and print solutions including digital, offset and wide format printing.

We pride ourselves on providing modern solutions with old fashioned values. We know our customers by name and always go that extra mile to provide our services. Southport Printing Co. offer quick turnaround and will strive to achieve same day service when you have really urgent print needs.

We can’t wait to collaborate with you on your co-branded promotional items. Contact us today to get your project started.