Offset printingOffset Printing: Crisp Resolution for Commercial Print Quantities

At Southport Printing Co., we’re proud of our brand heritage with over 500 years combined print industry experience amongst our close-knit team. Read more about us here. We’re not the only thing that has centuries of history – offset printing, which is one of our most popular printing methods, hails from the 1700’s when lithography was first invented.

Offset printing doesn’t transfer ink directly to print materials the way digital printing does. Instead, your print project is transferred to metal plates before being imprinted on the paper.

Better quality colours and images

We’ve all seen the disclaimers warning how there can be slight colour variations between what you see and what you receive but with offset printing, you can feel confident that you’re getting the truest colour representation possible. Colours print exactly as they should appear because of the use of ink in offset printing as opposed to the toner used in digital methods.

Offset printing also offers the highest resolution and quality images possible with consistency across your project whether you’ve ordered 5000 copies or 500,000.

This is not to say you’ll have a bad finish if you choose another print method like digital printing which can still produce high quality documents; but the reason that offset printing still uses a very similar process to the one invented hundreds of years ago is that despite all the technological advancements, there still is no way to print and achieve such superior results.

The cheapest way to print large quantities

Because there is some set up involved with getting the plates ready to print your project, offset printing can be prohibitively expensive for smaller print runs. When you’re printing higher volumes though, offset printing ends up being the most cost-effective way to get the job done.

You don’t need to crunch the numbers yourself though. When you speak to your personal Sales Manager about your next project, they’ll discuss various things with you including how many copies you need and talk you through the best option to both suit your project and your budget.


Offset printing is the fastest way to print large volumes

Offset printing is capable of speeds of up to 15m per second. While digital printing can go instantly from computer file to printer, it takes longer to complete the projects than when you use offset printing.

These impressive speeds are how Southport Printing Co. can offer such quick turnaround on the highest volume requests.

You can include fancier elements

Because offset printing uses ink, you can incorporate embellishments like true metallics and the entire range of Pantone colours into your design. This gives additional levels of creativity in your design and can give a real feel of luxury to your print projects and is a great option for businesses that have specific colours in their logo or other brand elements.

Of course, if you are just looking for richer colours and sharper lines, you can also utilise offset printing without incorporating any extra options. It comes down to your brand identity and project goals as to whether you need to get fancy.

Southport Printing Co. are here to help

Whether you have your artwork ready to go or need to talk to us about getting started, our Sales team are only a call away. You’ll be assigned a Sales Manager to your account and they’ll be your print partner through the whole project.

You don’t even need to be based on the Gold Coast to work with us. We have clients based all over Australia and can work with you remotely to turn your next creative concept into a high-quality finished print product. Contact us today.