The Power of a Branded Presentation Folder

A branded presentation folder that represents your company is not only a great way to pass on your essential business information to existing and new customers, but a fantastic way to demonstrate to customers that your business is a professional, established company with a strong brand.

This mobile marketing tool is a significant marketing channel for any business that so many companies overlook. Not only does a strong, quality presentation folder stand out, it has a much greater chance of hanging around in customers’ and potential customers’ offices simply because of the quality.

This makes it not only an important way to communicate with customers, it is a constant reminder of your brand, and cements your brand into customers’ minds… which is good for business!

At Southport Printing Co. we are printing thousands of presentation folders for both local and national companies each year. We have a large number of die forms on site which we can use for this purpose, or you can work directly with our team of graphic artists to come up with the perfect presentation folder to meet your business needs.

Presentation folders can be printed in any size to house your collateral and even merchandise. For example, some of our customers add a small cut to insert a branded company pen for customers to keep; another great way to get your brand message out there!

Contact our sales team today to discuss the perfect presentation folder for your business.