Make Your Stationery a key Brand Ambassador for Your Company

We see so many marketing messages every single day that the brain understandably ignores most of them. This makes it so important to have strong, simple core messaging for your brand to improve company recognition and brand familiarity.

This can be easily achieved with well-designed corporate stationery. Well-designed corporate stationery enforces the message that you are a legitimate, professional business that cares about the way that you are presenting yourself and that you are not just another company with the power of the click.

There are other benefits to having great corporate stationery including:

Stationery is a great mobile branding tool – letterhead, envelopes, business cards and other basic stationery have the potential to end up almost anywhere!

Stationery is a great opportunity to show customers and potential customers that your company is a professional company with high-quality, creative stationery.

Key tips for great stationery:

  • Keep the artwork simple
  • Print your stationery on the best quality stock that your budget allows
  • Limit the content on the stationery so that it is not too busy
  • Keep the layout simple and avoid using images
  • Use no more than two fonts to keep the look simple and clean

At Southport Printing Co., we are printing stationery for all kinds of businesses daily! Contact us for help to design great stationery for your business or email your existing files through.

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