pull up banner

Pull up banners are a fantastic solution to promote your business on the go! These are lightweight and very mobile which makes them a great option for conferences, events, sidewalks, window displays and any other promotion channel that your company is seeking!

An Oldie but a Goodie

While the pull up banner has changed over the years, the concept is an old one, a good one and, has largely remained the same over the years.. This is why pull up banners have been a successful marketing tool for over 40 years!

Pull up banners can be easily transported by a single person and are super light – no heavy lifting required! They are easy to put up and take down and can be done in just a few minutes….

We Make it Easy

At Southport Printing Co. we make it easy to get your company’s message on a pull up banner as we print many variations on the traditional pull up banner at our in house sign and display factory.

Quick facts

  • The standard size for a pull up banner is 850mm wide x 2000mm high.
  • Each pull up banner comes with an easy to erect banner stand as well as a carry bag.
  • We offer a range of economic and premium pull up banners.
  • Each banner is available in full colour print with an elegant satin finish.
  • Pull up banners are made from a simple banner and frame which makes them affordable to produce.

Although the standard size is 850mm wide x 2000 mm high, at Southport Printing Co. we offer a range of sizes from desktop banners to large media or press walls and photo backdrops…. The options are endless!

Design is Key

Pull up banners give companies a great platform to promote any message, but strong artwork is the key to breaking through to your intended market. Your banner must be strong enough to capture attention and have your brand identity embedded into the design to ensure that your customers and potential customers make the connection with your brand.

We will of course print any artwork that you have on file, or we invite you to speak with one of our highly skilled graphic designers to let them create the perfect pull up banner to support your brand.

If you are supplying your own artwork, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Logo Position

Your company logo is your primary identifiable element and should therefore be placed at the top of the banner.

Your Market

Take into consideration how your market is viewing your banner. Is it at a busy trade show or on a quiet sidewalk? At a trade show where foot traffic is heavy, any text in the bottom of the pull up banner may be obstructed.

People generally read top to bottom then from left to right… It’s a great idea to keep this in mind when designing. You should consider a text box and an image directly under the logo with a clear concise message if the pull up banner is going to a high foot traffic area.


Don’t overfill the banner! This is a sure-fire way for customers and potential customers to lose interest in your messaging and look beyond your pull up banner. It is much better to have excess space and use limited text with only a few images to draw customers in. In addition, this will make the banner easier to read when people are far away also.


Use quality images. While you can get away with lower resolution images on web adverts and on smaller flyers, it is critical that you use high quality images on any sign and display print jobs. In years past, such images have only been available at a high cost, however, these days there are many digital platforms that sell images for just a few dollars. Speak to one of our sales team if you would like us to suggest some links which would be suitable to your industry.

We are Here to Help

Your dedicated Sales Manager is always only a call or email away to help get your next print project underway. Contact us today!