Andy is a Graphic Artist & Prepress Operator at Southport Printing Co.

Andy has been working with Southport Printing Co. since 2018 and has over 25 years industry experience. Andy enjoys applying his various design and prepress skills to the broad range of products and services that Southport Printing Co. has to offer.

This includes creating all kinds of artwork for all kinds of clients! The variety of jobs that Andy works on each day is huge and ranges from every form of stationery that you can imagine, to books, booklets, folders, small signs, large signage, digital newsletters as well as anything and everything else in the print and design world!

graphic artist
Mount Fuji

In his spare time, Andy enjoys travelling with the family both locally and internationally. He enjoys getting up early and exploring his surrounds as well as sketching and painting in his travel journal. Andy has fond memories of painting a picture of Mount Fuji behind Lake Kawaguchiko on a frosty morning. He distinctly remembers that the little droplets of watercolour froze on the palette.

Andy Bett

Andy has two teenage children, one at university and one at high school. His 16 year old daughter loves to surprise him by taking secret selfies on his mobile phone!

Andy cycles 30kms from home to Southport Printing Co. as often as possible. He loves being out in the fresh air either side of the work day to wind down. Whilst riding, he enjoys listening to podcasts and audio books to fuel his curiosity.

GOTCHA print

Case Study: Gotcha Tickets

The Principal of Beronia Heights State Primary School required a ticket that would incentivise good behaviour amongst the children at the school. The concept was to issue tickets to children that were behaving well that they could collect, take home to their families and be proud to earn. The vision was the teachers would issue these when they spotted good behaviour and every child that received one would go in the draw for a monthly major prize.

After presenting this concept to Andy, it became known as the ‘Gotcha Ticket’ concept.

In the initial draft artwork, Andy presented various concepts of multiple designs which appealed to different age groups. The concepts were carefully thought out to ensure that the design would be the type of cards that children would want to earn and collect.

This campaign was a huge success and children modified their behaviour in order to earn a ‘Gotcha Ticket’ at Beronia Heights State Primary School. Based on this success, it was rolled out to several other schools in South East Queensland.

Why use a graphic artist?

1. Save time
Think of the value of your time and couple that with the fact that a graphic artist will be much quicker, not to mention more creative than you. Why not spend this time on what you do best in your business?

2. Save money
A professional designer will know the most cost-effective ways to design your materials and make suggestions about how to design your job with lower production costs in mind.

3. Get it right the first time
A good designer will save you and your business a lot of headaches. They will get the file set up correctly and be able to offer expert advice along the way.

4. New ideas for your business and brand
A graphic artist is trained to help bring any business vision to life.

5. Help you standout
Many people are tempted to cut and paste or purchase stock standard generic artwork from a website. Remember, these generic graphics are available to the whole world!

At Southport Printing Co., we have a design team ready and waiting to assist you with

your graphic design needs. Contact us today.