Jasmine Wehl

Time with company: I have worked for Southport Printing Co since its beginnings in mid-2015.
Industry markets: I have provided print services for many industries over the years, but have always found it is less about the industry and more about the amazing characters that spur me on and motive me to go above and beyond.
Kids and family: My husband and I are raising two beautiful girls, ages 3 and 5 and are having fun with all the challenges that bring.
Hobbies: I love entertaining friends and who doesn’t enjoy champagne?
Aspirations and goals as a human being: To live my life to the fullest – yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift!
A bit more about me: I am ridiculously honest, but I’m working on my poker face and aspire to be able to fib without laughing one day. I really believe that life is all about family and friends and the happiness you share – and as such, my favourite place to be is around a crowded dinner table with good food and a bottle of wine.

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