Direct marketing

Personalised Mail is Powerful – Direct Marketing

Direct marketing

You may be aware that personalising direct mail pieces significantly increases the likelihood of your piece capturing the attention of your audience. The thought of going through this process may have put this task in the too hardbasket as it can take many hours over several days out of your business operations to do this correctly.

Southport Printing Co. has the perfect solution!

Let us Design, Print and Distribute your message to your customers on your behalf with a traditional piece of personalised snail mail (direct mail).

Direct mail can be very powerful, and in this saturated market it is a fantastic way to communicate your brand with a personalised message from your company.

Pieces can be anything from a simple enveloped DL flyer, through to complex engaging pieces that will be sure to cement your brand into your customers’ minds.

Our experienced sales managers can help tailor an effective personalised direct mail campaign on your behalf.

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