At Southport Printing Co., we have been printing for businesses all over Australia for many years. We are proud to have a strong team of local Gold Coasters who have over 500 years combined printing experience. We are equipped to print traditional offset printing and digital print and have recently expanded our production area to include sign and display.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a fast, cost-effective printing process which offers quality output print jobs. Digital printing does not require traditional printing plates, this makes it a great solution for short print runs.

How Does a Digital Print Machine Work?

Traditional, offset print machines applies wet ink to printing plates and imprints the ink onto the paper via the use of printing plates. Digital printing machines print images by producing a map with thousands of tiny drops of ink and placing the ink straight onto the finished product. Digital printing has the ability to print on many surfaces including paper, cardboard, many kinds of plastics and food packaging materials. This diverse printing technique makes it the perfect solution for many kinds of marketing collateral.

Digital printing
Digital printing

Why Choose Digital Printing?

There are several benefits to choosing to print digitally including:

  • Cheaper printing costs
  • Faster turnaround
  • Ability to print on a huge number of surfaces and materials
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Ability to create cost-effective mock-ups of prototypes allowing customers to see what the finished product will look like in advance
  • Shorter print runs for clients when required
  • Reduced wastage as there is no need for make-ready sheets
  • Ability to personalise pieces for direct marketing purposes

In recent years, digital printing has come a long way and now produces accurate colour matching across different applications and finishes. As set up requires less labour than traditional offset printing, digital print jobs can be turned around quickly, enabling clients to get their print jobs to market faster.

Digital Printing Allows for Variable Data

At Southport Printing Co., our sales team places strong emphasis on going the extra mile for our clients. One of the great services that we often discuss with clients is the ability to personalise print jobs as they come off the printer. This process is known as Variable Data Printing (VDP) or On-Demand Printing. This allows us to overlay elements including text, graphics and images resulting in one printed piece being a variation of the next. A great application of this is Direct Mail or a Mail Merge.

Southport Printing Co. makes Direct Mail or Mail Merge Printing Easy

At Southport Printing Co., we print many direct mail or mail merge print jobs for various customers. Put simply, this means that clients give us a project brief and a database and the finished product ends up in their customers mail boxes without them having to see it again! This is a fantastic solution for many time-poor clients and it costs less than you may think!

Digital Printing for Packaging

As digital print is able to be applied to many surfaces quickly and cost-efficiently, this makes it a great solution for packaging too. Digital printing allows for the printing of cost-effective prototypes which means that companies can refine their packaging design and make several mock-ups before committing to a final product, all with minimal waste!

Southport Printing Co. Offers Full Digital Printing Solutions.

Advertising Collateral | Stationery | Food Packaging | Cosmetic Packaging | Direct Mail Pieces | And so much moreā€¦.

If you are looking for a digital printing service anywhere in Australia, Southport Printing Co. are here to help!

At Southport Printing Co., we have the very latest in printing technology for digital printing, offset printing and sign and display.

Our large factory is based in Southport and services all areas of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Australia with nationwide delivery.

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