Business Cards

When thinking about what business card is right for your brand, there are three main types of cards to keep in mind:

  • Simple Business Card
    The simple business card is the first choice for many business owners. The message is clear, and this style has only the necessary words and a limited colour pallet to match the company’s brand.
  • Creative Format Business Card
    Creative format business cards have a unique size or shape which makes them stand out amongst other business cards. Although these can be a great asset to your brand, it is important to take into consideration if they can be easily stored when they are being designed. For example, will they fit into a business card holder and your sales kit?
  • Creative Typology
    Creative typology is eye-catching artwork to grab anyone and everyone’s attention! It is not easy to get these right however, when done well, they leave a lasting impression on your market!

With a wide range of sizes and special finishes for business cards available, Southport Printing Co. will help you make a great first impression. Contact us today