Professional Printing is a Valuable Element of Your COVID-19 Safety Plan

As restrictions ease and businesses transition back to a semblance of normal, even if your industry isn’t as heavily regulated as some, ongoing social distancing and hygiene requirements have no doubt changed the way you trade.

From defined entries and exits to how many people can be on your premises and how to keep them apart, there is a lot of information for all of your stakeholders including staff and customers to know. And while most people understand the 1.5m social distancing rule, there are nuances and variations based on the size of the premises and type of industry that not everyone is aware of.

If you’re using in house signage and marking out where to stand with masking tape, while this is compliant, the cost of keeping this looking fresh will quickly be surpassed by the cost of professional printing as we can almost guarantee that these requirements will be around for a while.

At Southport Printing Co. we recommend professionally designed and printed collateral to be part of every COVID-Safe trading plan and our team is ready to help you put this into place. Keep reading to find out why integrating this into your plan will be beneficial to your company in the coming months.

Put People’s Mind at Ease

Professionally designed and printed signage and stickers shows your clients that you are taking their health and safety seriously. It presents your business in a branded, polished way that shows you have permanently embedded COVID-Safe measures into your operations.

It also helps them feel confident doing business with you. Professional designers know how to use words, colours and symbols to visually communicate wayfinding information to people.

You’ll also help your staff feel supported. Most people want to do the right thing while they’re out and about, to both protect the community and also avoid penalties, but with different businesses having different requirements and ways of communicating them, it can get confusing. The easier it is for customers to self-navigate, the less your team will have to “police” them and when they do, the signage gives them something to refer to.

Help Your Directional Signage Go the Distance

Your floors go through a lot in a day’s trade! And it’s not just people moving about your business – there’s stock and deliveries, spills and more.

Mapping out your floor with appropriate distances between people, defined entry and exit points and other ways to control your space is going to be our new normal for the foreseeable future.

Southport Printing Co. print on a range of materials and take into consideration things like what your floor is made of, how much traffic you’re dealing with, any environmental factors and more to make personalised recommendations on both style and function for your floor stickers.

Our floor stickers are non-slip for added workplace health and safety compliance, are affordable and are made to last. We can print up to 1.35x8m in any shape.

Easily Reconfigure Your Displays

Southport Printing Co. have a range of products that are easy to reposition or repurpose.

We’ve done the design work for you with our range of customisable templates that are ready to go with things like compliance statements and social distancing notices. Our in-house team can also create your own messages for you and incorporate more of your business brand in the artwork.

Some of our favourite products we recommend include:

Wall Stickers: Not limited to your walls, these stickers can be applied inside or outside on most surfaces including glass. We supply them trimmed and ready to apply. Our stickers are long wearing and easy to reposition

A-Frames: The sandwich style advertising boards have been around for years because they work! Corflute signs slot into the frames easily and make a great, flexible way to promote your products and services, COVID-19 compliance and any entry conditions or directions your customers need to be aware of.

Southport Printing Co. offer obligation free quotes and will visit your premises to measure and make recommendations. We can work to the tightest deadlines and even offer free delivery in the Gold Coast region. We’re here to help you get back to business, so contact us today to discuss how we can help you communicate your COVID-Safe messages to your clients and customers.