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Drive and Advertise with a Branded Vehicle!

A company vehicle comes with many benefits for both the company and the staff driving them. One of the most important benefits that is often overlooked by companies is the branding opportunity that comes when you are out and about. Branding company vehicles with a wrap is a cost-effective solution to gain great exposure for any company.

As with any marketing, it is important that this is done correctly. To assist you in getting this right, we have put together a list of tips and things to avoid to help you turn your company vehicles into mobile advertisements for your brand.

Quality is Key

Our first and most important tip is to use a quality printer and professional installers. Too many companies go for a cheap print option and use a non-professional installer causing damage to their expensive assets.

Cheap print jobs may sound appealing but beware they can look cheap and most likely won’t last the distance. Damage can include scratches from installation and or damage to the paint as a result of poor adhesive. As wraps often cover many panels of a vehicle, this can be a VERY expensive mistake.

Design Tips

The design of your wraps must be an extension of your company’ brand. Use only existing colours and fonts so it looks like it belongs with your company stationery, your website and everything else that carries your brand.

Your wrap should reflect your company’s personality. Are you a professional company with a traditional brand or can you use this opportunity to be a little creative and push the brand?

Our in-house design team can work with you to get this right delivering visual mock ups along the way of how the wrap would appear on your vehicle.

Vehicle wrap

Keep it Simple!

Vehicles have a lot of space and often company’s think that the need to use all the space and jam in a reference to every service that they offer. This is not the case. A simple design that highlights your key services will attract customers and potential customer’s eyes and attention for just enough time for your brand to be recognised and hopefully remembered!

To create an effective design for your company vehicle wraps, keep it simple but make sure your artwork has your essential company information too: your company name, logo, contact details, and key products or services your company offers.

It is also important to keep in mind that vehicles move. While your branded vehicle will capture the attention of many people while at traffic lights or parked, the vehicle is often moving meaning that messaging must be super simple and very clear.

At Southport Printing Co. we are printing all kinds of vehicle wraps for all kinds of vehicles. We recently completed a wrap of a dog wash trailer for a local business, and the business owner tells us that the wrap has doubled her number of enquiries in the weeks following the install.

‘I continued to park in my regular spots on my customer’s driveways and noticed an increase in new callers. The calls often started with I saw you parked here or there so it was easy for me to know straight away that these leads were coming directly from my new vehicle wraps’ Suzie, Director, local dog wash company.

At Southport Printing Co. we know that branding any vehicle is a fantastic way to market your company while you are out and about.

We are now printing and installing vehicle wraps for almost any kind of vehicle from small cars to large vans and trailers.

We can tailor your message to fit your vehicles and create full wraps, shape-cut text on doors or bumpers as well as a combination of these.

Take advantage of our in-house design team to help bring your vision to life. Or, if you have artwork that is ready to print, we can print and install this too.

Contact us today for further information.