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Business Cards are Often the First Statement That is Made About Your Business

business cards

Make a Great Statement About Your Business with Business Cards From Southport Printing Co.

Business cards are often the first statement that is made about your business. They tell your customers a story about what your business does in a split second. In this split second, they introduce or reinforce your brand in customers and potential customers’ minds.

A high-quality, well designed and well printed business card shouts out that your company is a quality company with a strong brand. A great question is, how can the average business owner get this right? To help you answer this, we have put together the most important things to think about when thinking business cards for your company. Although this blog could go into a huge amount of detail of what to do and what not to do, we have simplified this to get you started. Ask yourself, what type of business card would you like created to reflect your company’s brand? There are three main types of business cards to consider as noted below:

The Simple Business Card

The simple business card is just that – simple! It is not bogged down with images and copy, it just tells the facts about your company in a clear, concise manner. The font is simple and the message is simple. There is no additional messaging. Just the facts, company name, services and a call to action. Although this may sound boring, customers often love this style as when it is done well, not only is it simple, but it is also elegant.

The Creative Format Business Card

This style of business card is printed and trimmed to a unique shape or size which makes them stand out when mixed up with other business cards. These can look amazing and grab customers and potential customers attention quickly. However, it is important to be careful not to be caught with a size or shape that nobody wants to store. Keep in mind that these may get discarded if they don’t fit into a wallet or business card holder. It is also important to ask yourself if a unique size or shape will fit into your sales kit before going down the path of the creative format business card.

The Creative Typology Business Card

As the name suggests, the creative typology business card grabs attention with its unique artwork and use of colours and/or fonts. This style can work wonders for your brand! However, it requires a professional to get it right. Saturating your card with colours and varying fonts without creative planning can easily result in outputting a card that is quickly overlooked as it may appear disjointed and messy. Do this right however, and you will leave a lasting impression on your customers!


Southport Printing Co. Makes Designing and Printing Business Cards Easy!


At Southport Printing Co. we have a team of inhouse graphic artists who are ready to work on creating the perfect business card design for your company. The specialised team can create your company’s business card as a stand-alone project or design an entire stationary range including With Compliments, envelopes and letterhead to bring your vision to life or refresh your current brand. In addition, if required, the team can deliver brand guidelines to assist with the flow of your brand to your digital footprint including your website, email signature and social channels… the options are endless!

Our sales team have a wealth of knowledge in the area of stocks and print finishes. Getting this right is key to finishing the project and delivering a business card that not only reflects your company’s goods and services but also reflects your brand and tells the story of your company.

With a wide range of sizes and special finishes for business cards available, Southport Printing Co. will help you make a great first impression. Contact us today.

Southport Printing Co. Offer Fast Turnaround Printing of Business Cards

We consider ourselves to be your print partner, and that means doing everything we can to accommodate your deadlines. It doesn’t matter why you need your print materials so quickly (we’ve even helped our clients out of a tight spot when they forgot to order printing!), we are here to help.

Contact us today to start talking about getting your business cards into your customer’s hands.

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