Specialty Printing: Southport Printing Co. Have A Range of Special Effects To Give Your Project An Impressive Finish

When it comes to embellishments like specialty stocks; fluoro or metallic inks and embossing or any other kind of specialty printing, Southport Printing Co. have options to suit

When it comes to specialty printing, Southport Printing Co. draw on their 500 + years of combined experience in the print industry to give your project wow factor. They even have a Look Book to show you exactly what kind of embellishments are possible for your next printing request.

Types of Specialty Printing

Types of Specialty Printing Available:

Embossing: this is the three-dimensional, textured effect that gives your image or text a raised surface on the print area.

Debossing: this is the opposite to embossing, when the words or images are indented into the paper or cardstock.

Foiling: also known as foil stamping, this involves applying a foil (usually metallic like silver foil or gold foil) to your print job to create a decorative finish.

Metallic Inks: metallic particles (popular colours include gold tones, silver and copper) are added to ink in a spot colour, single plate print set up (traditional CMYK colours use four plates).

Holographic Effects: whether you need added security to your document or are looking for a decorative finish, holograms can be printed onto almost anything from plastic to special types of paper.

Fluro Inks: like metallics, true neon or fluorescent printing requires a special kind of pigmented ink.

PMS Printing: if you want true colour matching, PMS (Pantone Matching System) via offset printing will give you superior results.

Spot UV or Folding Spot: this is a type of card stock that will give your document a high gloss finish.

Celloglazing: also known as cello, this is a type of laminating that can be a gloss or matte finish on your cardstock for the ultimate professional look and feel to your document.

Southport Printing Co. often say you are only limited by your imagination so if there is a feature or finish you’re looking for that isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Full service packages including design, print and delivery are available or you can choose only the services you need.


Your Personal Sales Manager Is Here to Help

At Southport Printing Co., all clients are assigned a Sales Manager who acts as your personal point of contact for every project. You’re not expected to know all the lingo and options available to you because your Sales Manager will spend time with you discussing your brand, project goals, budgets and timelines to put together a proposal with recommendations about the best options to suit your needs.

Your Sales Manager will incorporate any speciality printing requests you have, but you don’t need to be an expert in all the options available because that’s what the Southport Printing Co. team are here for.

Fast Turnaround Printing and National Delivery

Southport Printing Co. can work with you on the tightest of deadlines and in most cases are able to have your job printed and packed for delivery within 48 hours of receiving artwork approval.

With a nationwide courier network and multiple parcel pick ups from their Southport factory each day, your job will be on its way to you promptly wherever you are in Australia.

Contact Southport Printing Co. Today

Whether you have print-ready artwork on file or need to work with Southport Printing Co.’s in-house creative team of graphic designers, get in touch. Your Sales Manager will discuss your specialty printing needs and coordinate the project for you. Call or email now.