restaurant thanks southport printing coWe Love Hearing Thank You from our Print Customers for a Great Print Solution!

Our small restaurant has been stretching out the use of our old leather menu wallets as the cost to replace them was just too much. When Jasmine from Southport Printing Co. came to deliver a job, she suggested that we stop using the menu wallets and use a matt celloglaze on our current menus as an alternative. Jasmine printed some samples for me and we trialed ten matt celloglazed menus in the restaurant for a week. The finish meant that we could wipe the menus clean after each use and they kept their brand-new appearance. We found that this was a fantastic solution and it came at a fraction of the cost of new leather wallets.

Six months down the track, we have discarded our shabby leather menu wallets and we are on to our second run of matt laminated menus. I can’t see my company going back to traditional leather menu wallets now, as the celloglazed menus are a fantastic option.

I am so thankful for Jasmine’s advice, I estimate that it saved our company around $3,500.