Old-Fashioned Customer Service and our Look Book Provide the Perfect Solution for your Print Needs.

The Southport Printing Co. team is committed to ensuring that customers receive old-fashioned customer service. Our dedicated sales managers assist customers during every part of the journey to make sure that your print job matches your expectations.

Through customer education and listening to your needs, we strive to make each job that comes through the factory to be delivered exactly how you expected that it would be.

We understand that aspects of printing can be complicated and we are committed to discussing your project in simple, concise language. Our dedicated sales managers will take the time to listen to exactly what you would like to achieve from your print job and make a recommendation on paper and print finishes.

The Southport Printing Co. Look Book is a fantastic point of reference for clients to refer to as it is an overview of all the services that we provide.

Each page in this 24-page booklet is printed on a different stock so you can feel the weights of each paper as you talk through the options with your sales manager. The Look Book also features foil samples which add a bit of sparkle to any print job and are available in an array of colours.

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