Why is Offset Printing Still Used Hundreds of Years After it Was Invented?

When it comes to having the ultimate creativity in colour and texture for your print materials, offset printing is still the best choice for your project. Southport Printing Co. likes to boast about how our team has over 500 years combined experience in the print industry, but offset printing is even older than we are – it’s been around since the 1700’s!

While there have been some technological advancements over the past few centuries, the general principles and methodology of offset printing hasn’t changed too much. Unlike digital printers which transfers toner directly to the print surface, offset printers use ink and metal plates to reproduce the design.

While there are some great advantages to going digital, offset printing is still just as relevant today as when it was first introduced to the industry and depending on what you’re having printed, can often be the better option.

What Makes Offset Printing So Good?

Toner only comes in 4 colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This is often known as CMYK. This means that a digital printer can only use those colours to replicate the colours used in your design. Most of the time this is not a problem, but for some of the more creative colour palettes and specialist tones like Pantone colours, the ink used in offset printing will create a superior replication of the colours you need.

Offset printing can also accommodate some real flair into your design – things like true colour representation neons and metallics are all possible and look far better than when the colour is converted to a CMYK combination via digital printing. There is also the ability to add texture to your printing which is not really possible without using the offset method.

Images are also sharper with offset printing. This difference is subtle, the naked eye may not be able to tell whether your image was printed with toner or ink but when you place them next to each other, the clarity and resolution advantages to offset printing become more obvious.

Offset printing can also accommodate slightly different card and paper stock which can be useful for if you are going for a high end finish on your print project.

Our Offset Printer Has Its Own Staff

With our combined experience spanning half a century, Southport Printing Co. really are the experts when it comes to offset printing but did you know that we actually have staff who are based at our offset printer full time? Our factory team owns their machine and are permanently working it which means you don’t just get personal service when you speak with your Sales Manager, your project gets individual attention throughout the whole process.

We’re Here To Help You Decide Your Print Options

We know that some of the print industry jargon doesn’t always make sense so the best thing about your print options at Southport Printing Co. is that you don’t need to make the tough decisions yourself.

Of course we value your input, but your personal Sales Manager will consider your requirements when putting your project brief together and make recommendations about the type of printing that is going to best suit your project, budget and timeframes.

We have even produced Lookbooks and other helpful collateral for you to look at so you can see for yourself what you can expect from the finished product before you give your approval and the project gets underway.

If you’re ready to print your next project on a modern piece of history like our offset printing machine, contact Southport Printing Co. today.